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  • A Brief Introduction to the Highlights of Alsace

    Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands five times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now a cultural crossroads where French finesse meets German gusto. Tucked… Read full article

  • Little Blue’s Big Adventure

    A Bike’s-Eye View Cycling the South of France Hey there, Little Blue here! Or, as the mechanics tend to call me, bike model Ti73/1. I’m part of the ExperiencePlus! bike fleet and have arguably the worlds greatest job! Each cycling… Read full article

  • Umbria Here I Come

    Orvieto, I Can’t Wait to Meet You On my way to checking one more experience off my bucket list. Umbria your green hills and lush valleys have called me back since I first roamed through your rich bounty back in 2004. I’m… Read full article

  • Tour leader Loic Tyberghein and Minnie in Sicily

    2015 ExperiencePlus! – A Year in Pictures

    Check out our Instagram page for a photo celebration of discovery, travel and good friends! A fun look back at a year filled with cycling, learning, eating, and levitating. Our tour leaders and travelers posted live updates from our tours in… Read full article

  • Rick Price - Santa stops by the Fort Collins, CO office

    The Perfect Gift(s)

    Bicycle gear for warm weather or cold weather and more. Suggestions from our staff and tour leaders for the cyclists and non-cyclists in your life. The Price Family Monica Malpezzi Price – Co-owner and Michele Boglioni – Route Manager Gift… Read full article

  • Acetaia Cavalli

    Two Delights from Italy’s Culinary Cycling Tour

    Bea Tassinari has been working with ExperiencePlus! in various capacities including tour leader, country coordinator, Italian office manager since the 1990s.  She is the go to person if you have any questions about Italy – it seems that no matter… Read full article

  • Rick Price - Santa stops by the Fort Collins, CO office

    17 Gift Giving Ideas

    Looking for the perfect gift for the cyclists or traveler in your life? Our staff in Italy and the USA are here to help with 17 gift giving ideas. The Price Family: Monica Malpezzi Price – Co-Owner and Director of… Read full article

  • Montse in Catalonia with part of the 89er club - 5 riders who have done 89 trips with ExperiencePlus

    Introducing Three New Tour Leaders

    ExperiencePlus! has added three new tour leaders to our staff in Europe and we wanted to tell you a bit more about the exceptional people you might be traveling with on your next ride in France, Italy or Spain. Pierre… Read full article

  • Philipp in Andalucia tasting sherry.

    Meet Your Tour Leaders: Philipp Alexander Schmitt

    We’d like to introduce you to Philipp Alexander Schmitt, our in-house Camino de Santiago historian and specialist (he’s written a pilgrim’s diary and will read from it on tour for you!).  Philipp is well-traveled, well-read, and we’re continually impressed by… Read full article

  • Cristina Taioli - ExperiencePlus! tour leader

    Cristina Taioli Survives the Polar Vortex

    ExperiencePlus! tour leader Cristina Taioli spent over a month touring the U.S. visiting our travelers, spreading the word about bicycle touring and doing her best to survive one of the coldest winter’s on record. Here’s what she had to say… Read full article

  • Czech Republic

    6 Reasons to Bicycle the Czech Republic

    As a new mother (Lidia turned two a few months ago), I haven’t been on many bike tours the past 3 years, but this past summer I was able to manage one 11-day trip …and took Lidia with me! We… Read full article

  • ExperiencePlus! tour leader Enrico Dal Monte stops to join a card game in Sicily.

    Get to Know Your Tour Leaders: Enrico Dal Monte

    Enrico was born in Italy and has been leading tours for ExperiencePlus! in Belgium, Spain, France, and Italy since 2010, and has very quickly become one of our most popular leaders. He is passionate about languages, travel, learning, music, and… Read full article

  • Cristina Taioli’s 2014 Travels in the United States

    Every winter, Cristina Taioli, longtime bicycle tour leader for ExperiencePlus! bicycle tours, spends a month traveling in the United States meeting up with past travelers and hosting happy hours and gatherings to chat about her trips and bicycling touring in… Read full article

  • Silvija Vukusic and the ExperiencePlus! support van in Croatia. Photo by ExperiencePlus! traveler Guy Cunningham

    Meet Your Tour Leaders: Silvija Vukusic

    Silvija was born in Split, Croatia and has been leading tours for ExperiencePlus! since 2008 mostly in her home country but in the past few years she’s also used her German skills to assist in Germany, and in 2013 she… Read full article

  • Andro Tartaglia

    Just Another Perfect Day in Croatia

    My name is Andro Tartaglia, and I am an ExperiencePlus! tour leader and country coordinator for Croatia. People are often curious about Croatia and what life is like here so I thought I’d share my idea of two perfect days… Read full article

  • Rule of thirds

    A Rule For Stronger Photos…Or Not

    Tool of thirds Want a simple, classic design principal that will instantly make your pictures more dynamic and interesting? The rule of thirds is it. What’s the Rule of Thirds? Imagine a picture frame; draw two evenly spaced lines across… Read full article

  • Meet Your Tour Leaders: Cristina Taioli Tours the US

    I think I have one of the nicest jobs…biking in Italy and Europe! For the past two winters I’ve been fortunate to spend a month in the States visiting with our travelers, hosting happy hours, presenting slideshows and talking to… Read full article

  • Lisa Merichi

    Meet Your Tour Leaders: Lisa Merighi

    Though 2013 will mark only her third season with ExperiencePlus! Lisa Merighi has quickly become one of our traveler’s favorite tour leaders. We thought it high time we all had the opportunity to get to know her a little better.… Read full article