We know it’s important that you feel prepared for your trip and amongst packing, researching your destination and getting excited, getting or staying in shape is part of the plan. To help you reach your goal, ExperiencePlus! has teamed up with experienced trainers who can help you reach your level.

Training programs by Joe Friel

Joe has developed free training programs suited to your age, activity levels and our tour levels. Click here for more information on these free training programs.

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Fit for Trips by Marcus Shapiro

Marcus will develop a personalized training program for our travelers, which last from 4 to 12 weeks. ExperiencePlus! travelers will receive a 25% discount on their chosen program. Click here for more information and the Fit for Trips consultation page.

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Bike Handling and Safety Skills

As you get ready, don’t forget to peruse our tips on bike handling and safety here.

Tour Levels

Wondering about our Tour Levels? Read more here.

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