Two Sisters A Lifetime Of Adventure

Since Monica's first trip to Italy when she was nine months old and since Maria Elena's debut as an expert "gelato" consultant while on a tour in Italy at age 5, the Price sisters have made bicycle travel part of their lives. Founded in 1972 by their parents, Rick and Paola Malpezzi-Price, Maria Elena and Monica grew up first 'joining' tours as children, then leading tours as teenagers and young adults. In 2008 they purchased ExperiencePlus! from their parents and have been running the family business ever since.

ExperiencePlus! was the first US-based bicycle tour operator in Italy and is now one of the oldest and most well-respected bike touring companies based in the US.  As multi-lingual, bicultural and dual citizens (Italian-American), current owners - Monica and Maria Elena are thrilled to be leaders in their industry as they have elevated the profile of their company into the "next generation" of adventure and active travel companies.

Monica and Maria Elena are both dedicated to helping the cycling industry grow into the beacon of responsible travel it should be as international travel continues to grow. Maria Elena is an advisor on the board of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and on the Board of Directors of Adventure Cycling Association. Monica is often called upon in Italy as an advisor to tourism agencies, travel groups and regions to speak about active travel on the regional and national level. 

Learn why Rick and Paola started to explore the world by bicycle and why we continued the family tradition. 

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