Travel advisors

Working with ExperiencePlus! as a travel advisor

ExperiencePlus! is delighted to partner with Travel Advisors searching for the perfect cycling vacation for their clients. We are deeply committed to helping our customers create memories that last a lifetime by leading extraordinary bicycle tours across Europe and South America.  Our goal in working with Travel Advisors is to ensure clients receive a seamless travel experience.

To ensure our vacations are the right match for your clients, we encourage Travel Advisors to schedule a one-on-one phone call with us so you can effectively communicate what to expect on an ExperiencePlus! bicycle tour, ask questions outside your own expertise, such as detailed bike questions, and learn how we differentiate ourselves from other bicycle tour operators.  

Please read on to learn more!  

As a small company, we value strong relationships, and our goal is to create partnerships with advisors. To that end we like to clarify up front how we can work together to make sure travelers have the best trip possible.

  • For direct bookings, ExperiencePlus! offers a limited scope of complimentary Traveler Services to our travelers, specifically booking extra hotel nights at tour hotels and assisting with arrival and departure logistics.
  • When a booking is made by a Travel Advisor, we expect that the Travel Advisor will provide these services directly to the client and we recommend using the following resources:
    • Our downloadable tour itinerary packets, and online arrival/departure and travel information summaries list first and last hotel information and arrival and departure details. We are happy to help clarify any confusion on travel logistics.
  • When booking extra nights at our tour starting or ending hotel,we ask that Travel Advisors make clear to the hotel that they are booking as a Travel Advisor and that they are not booking on behalf of ExperiencePlus! 
  • Travel Advisors should mention to the tour hotel that the traveler is joining or ending an ExperiencePlus! tour to minimize any need to change rooms. For this reason we also recommend that Travel Advisors refrain from asking tour hotels for upgrades and instead keep travelers in the same category room they are assigned on tour.
  • Travel Advisors will facilitate the collection of traveler information needed by ExperiencePlus!, including:
    • Providing details as requested on the Reservation and Customer Information Form 
    • Legal consent as required by ExperiencePlus!
    • The name and location of travelers’ accommodation for their stay directly prior to the trip start, or arrival details to trip start.

We pay Travel Advisors the following commission via check or wire once a booked tour is completed: 

  • 10% commission on the double occupancy tour price* for 7 to 15 days trips 
  • 5% of the double occupancy tour price for trips lasting 16 days and up 

* Tour Price equals the published double occupancy tour price reduced by any discounts granted to the traveler.  

Additional charges paid by customer, such as private room fee or e-bike rental, are excluded from the commission.

For Travel Advisors who want to travel with us, the commission can be applied as a discount (cannot be combined with other discounts).

  • First contact and inquiry for the new travelers must be made by the Travel Advisor on behalf of the traveler.
  • Travel Advisors are responsible for submitting the client’s reservation through our online booking system.
  • We consider the Travel Advisor to be the primary contact and will direct all communications to the advisor. 
  • The Travel Advisor must provide the following information upon booking:
    • Traveler information as requested in the booking form
    • Travel Advisor’s full contact information: Name, mailing address, email, phone number. *We will use this email address as the primary contact for all reservation and travel communications pertinent to the booked tour. 
    • Travel Advisor’s IATA-number
    • TravelAdvisor is responsible for communicating all tour specifics, including terms and conditions, traveler code, itinerary specifics, arrival and departure details, packing lists and other planning information provided by ExperiencePlus! to the client. 

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 1-800-685-4565.