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  • beach in greece

    April Come She Will – Spring 2023 Tours

    Think it’s too late to join a spring tour? Think again! It’s almost never too late to take fate into your own hands and plan a spring getaway. Case in point: we booked a February 18 Patagonia tour on February 6. However, when you find a tour that you want to join, it’s not sold… Read full article

  • Sugo Marinetti: Artichoke and Pistachio Pasta Sauce

    As a company with half of its roots from Italy, we love pasta and learning about different types of pasta sauce. This particular sauce is not only interesting because it has a number of non-traditional ingredients (and we know how traditional Italians can be about their pasta and sauces) but it has a very intriguing… Read full article

  • updated bike departures

    2023 Tour Updates

    Once the new year begins, the idea of going on a bicycle tour gets very, very real and very exciting! Some folks start sweating as they wait to hear that we’ve confirmed their tour to go. Those who are waitlisted on a tour can’t wait to hear if a space opened up. It ends up… Read full article

  • brie baked in phyllo

    Phyllo-wrapped Baked Brie with Cranberry Chutney

    The ExperiencePlus! US office staff celebrated the close of 2022 with a night of fine food that we prepared as teams of two at The Cooking Studio in Fort Collins. Our expert chef, Malini, and her assistant, Elizabeth, guided us through a fun night of baking, roasting, flambéing, and searing. There was wine, butter, brandy,… Read full article

  • Bike tour Italy

    Top 10 bike tours for families

  • family of four on bicycle tour in Europe

    First bike tour renews family’s spirit

    A number of years ago, former ExperiencePlus! employee Ian Wells took part of his family on their first-ever EP bicycle tour. They weren’t experienced cyclists and some members of the family were apprehensive about the adventure. Ian documented the trip in an EP newsletter article that still rings true today. The core issues Ian and… Read full article

  • Top 5 Back-to-Back Tours in 2023

  • original recipe

    Toffee Squares

    Whether it is a holiday season or not, these toffee squares are delicious. Perfect for gifts or just to have on hand, they satisfy both sugar and chocolate cravings. Easy to make and easy to modify! Crust 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar 1 large… Read full article