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  • Tomato, Chickpea, Feta

    Tomato, Chickpea, and Feta Salad with Za’atar

    Joeann Gutowski, of our Fort Collins office shares an easy and delicious salad recipe that gets our taste buds yearning for the Mediterranean. This is the time of year when Colorado gardens are producing a bounty of tomatoes. Not only… Read full article

  • Sweet Crepes

    Breton Crêpes

    John Giebler (our Director of Tours, and occasional tour leader in France and Italy) shares his favorite crêpe recipe in honor of the new ExperiencePlus! tour in Brittany and Normandy. This is a recipe I used to make when I… Read full article

  • No Knead Flatbread/Pizza Dough

    About 2 years ago I decided I wanted try my hand at making some quick pizza or flatbread style dough. As I was looking for recipes I ran across a no knead recipe.  Since then I’ve refined my process and… Read full article

  • Starr and another rider enjoy the views in Patagonia's Lakes District with ExperiencePlus!

    Bicycle Patagonia: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

    By ExperiencePlus! travelers Starr and Phil Teague The Patagonia Lakes District Plus! the Island of Chiloé bicycle trip was one of our best vacation experiences ever. The biking was challenging and fun, the scenery was varied and beautiful, the food… Read full article

  • Tarte Tatin

    Tarte Tatin

    Two sisters, Carolina (1847-1911) and Stéphine Tatin (1838-1917), from Lamotte-Beuvron, a small village in the Loire Valley of France, are considered the creators of this wonderful tart. The sisters owned and ran the Hotel Tatin. The elder sister, Stéphanie, dealt with… Read full article

  • Roasted Asparagus with Hollandaise

    April marks the beginning of asparagus season in Germany and in France and is cause for celebration because it also means that spring has finally arrived. In Germany asparagus fever continues until mid-June and takes many forms including competitions to… Read full article

  • Roasted Kale Chips

    Roasted Kale Chips

    In recent years kale has come into its own and this is a delightful, crispy side dish has little in common with the boiled, tasteless recipes of the past.  It’s a perfect side dish for casseroles, or better yet, let… Read full article

  • Cauliflower Calabria

    Cauliflower Calabria

    Cauliflower: a white, seemingly boring vegetable that unfortunately suffers from neglect in the grocery store and sometimes in the fridge has just received a facelift. And, no, it’s not cheddar cheese. Prepare yourself for a caramelized, nutty, and surprisingly light… Read full article

  • Rostinniana photo by Raul Bernardo

    Rosticciana with Fruit Sauce

    Rosticciana has become a favorite for our travelers on the Bike Across Italy: Venice to Pisa trips. In fact the serving plate always ends up empty which is rare given the quantity of food the Italian’s traditionally tempt us with.… Read full article

  • Certified experts in gelato!

    Culinary Delights Tour Hits the Gelato Lab

    The 8 and 11 day ExperiencePlus! Whole Journey’s Culinary Delights tours feature a visit to the lab at the Carpigiani Gelato Museum and University, a fabulous opportunity to study an important (and delicious!) piece of Italian culture. Opened in 2012… Read full article

  • Belgian Endive and Pear Salad

    Belgian Endive and Pear Salad

    Endive was discovered in Belgium in 1830 and by the mid-nineteenth century it was being cultivated and sold as “witloof” or white leaf. Endive is now grown in a variety of places but many still consider genuine Belgian Endive to… Read full article

  • Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta Travelers on the recent Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari trip devoured a wonderful Panna Cotta which inspired Italian tour leader Lisa Merighi to share her grandmother’s recipe with us. It’s a simple recipe with just a few… Read full article

  • A Taste of Aphrodisiac Diamonds on Tour

    By ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Pia de Richemont What did Marilyn Monroe, Mussolini and President Truman have in common? Fame? Certainly. Insomnia? Quite likely. But the three of them also shared a partiality for truffles (Latin name: tuber magnatum). For those… Read full article

  • Chard Quiche

    Chard Quiche – From the Field to Your Plate

    Many of you may remember Josette Smyrl who coordinated our hotels and meals in France for years. Josette has retired and lives in Provence with her husband and gardener extraordinaire Sam. Her culinary expertise is well-known in Fort Collins, Colorado… Read full article

  • Fisherman's Risotto

    Fisherman’s Risotto

    “My wife’s a better cook than yours” was the common refrain on fishing boats plying the Adriatic Sea. These rugged men would leave home for three or four days at a time, each carrying a lunch toolbox of sorts. What… Read full article

  • Cyclist Seeks Puglian Cheese and Curious Cows

    Selecting a bonus “theme” to take with me on my ExperiencePlus! cycling trips has always enhanced my excitement and sense of discovery about an area. When I found out I would be going on the Cycling Puglia Plus! the Ionian… Read full article

  • Tortillas from Catalonia

    Spanish omelets or tortillas are one of the most common dishes in Spain and though most are made with potatoes the French influenced Catalan version uses chick peas instead. You can enjoy a tortilla for a snack, lunch or light… Read full article

  • Irish Soda Bread and The Boys and Girl From County Claire

    (Irish) Snacks and a Movie

    Looking for an opportunity to get some Irish culture, to savor the flavor and sound of traditional food and music of the Emerald Isle? Go ahead and rent a movie from our Ireland film recommendation page, or if this review… Read full article