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  • Provence: Ruins, History, Artists, Authors, Wine, Culinary and Cycling Delights

    Provence: Ruins, History, Artists, Authors, Wine, Culinary and Cycling Delights If you’ve dreamed of bicycling through Provence we have three opportunities for you this fall; our Cycling Provence, Cycling Provence Plus! the Cevennes and our Bicycling through the Best of… Read full article

  • Classic Italian Minestrone Soup

    Classic Italian Minestrone Soup with Pesto

    Classic Italian Minestrone Soup with Pesto Every family in Italy makes its own variation of minestrone, which means literally “big soup,” from the word “minestra.” One may insist on using spinach, while another may argue for leeks and swiss chard.… Read full article

  • Panettone, Italian Christmas Bread

    Panettone, Italian Christmas Bread My father would bring home at least two or three brightly colored boxes -the color blue dominated – inside a delicious, rounded mound of a cake-like, light and spongy mixture wrapped in a clear plastic bag.… Read full article

  • French Béchamel Sauce

    Ingredients: 3 tbsp butter or margarine 1/3 cup flour 2 cups milk 1/2 cup grated cheese or more salt and pepper to taste la technique Melt the butter or margarine in sauce pan. Add flour and stir with wisk, or… Read full article

  • Creamy French Pumpkin Soup

    Creamy French Pumpkin Soup (A note from Rick Price of ExperiencePlus!) This recipe comes to us from Josette Smyrl, coordinator of our France hotels and restaurants from 1995 through October of 2006. This submission, indeed, marks the end of a… Read full article

  • Acquacotta or Tuscan Soup

    Acquacotta or Tuscan Soup Literally, ‘acquacotta’ means ‘cooked water’. This is the Tuscan version of ‘Stone soup’. This was once a very humble soup made out of a little tomato, onion and celery boiled in water and poured over old… Read full article

  • Lebanese Hummus

    ExperiencePlus! hosted an Open House at our new office last month and our guests  requested recipe copies. We thought with the Superbowl this week it’s a perfect time to share Paola’s hummus, and Rick’s bruschetta recipes with you all. Although… Read full article