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Bicycling Italy

  • Back and Better Than Ever: Cycling Italy’s Dolomites

    Italy’s Dolomites are Calling 6 Reasons You Should Answer Trying to decide where to ride next year? We have got a few reasons for you to consider fine-tuning your photography skills and gearing up your climbing legs to cycle Italy’s… Read full article

  • Our S.A.T.T. Winner’s Report On Bicycling Umbria!

    She Went, She Saw, She Cycled Q&A with S.A.T.T winner Elissa Pitts Elissa Pitts was one of our two, 2016 Send a Teacher Traveling (S.A.T.T) award winners. This summer she cycled Verdant Umbria Plus! Todi and Orvieto and we thought we’d… Read full article

  • Umbria Here I Come

    Orvieto, I Can’t Wait to Meet You On my way to checking one more experience off my bucket list. Umbria your green hills and lush valleys have called me back since I first roamed through your rich bounty back in 2004. I’m… Read full article

  • Cycling Southern Italy

    Cycling Puglia – The Secret Charms Of Southern Italy

    Puglia and the Secret Charms Of Southern Italy Discover the lure of Puglia now, before it is fully “discovered.” When the rest of the world thinks of Italy, the celebrity regions and cities of the North come to mind: Tuscany,… Read full article

  • Italy's Lake's District with ExperiencePlus!

    2016 Cycling Italy’s Lakes District

    “And, Como! Thou, a treasure whom the earth keeps to herself,… thy chestnut woods and garden plots” as William Wordsworth wrote, seemingly breathlessly as he attempted to render his impressions of the marvelous Italian Lakes District into verse. You can… Read full article

  • Overlooking Florence

    Tuscany Two Ways in 2016

    ExperiencePlus! has re-imagined our popular cycling tours in Tuscany. You decide what works best for you: Classic Tuscany – Cycling the Best of Southern Tuscany (Plus! Florence) OR Explore off the beaten path and enjoy a more relaxed cycling tour on… Read full article

  • Tonnara Vendicari

    New Tour – Bicycling the Baroque Towns of Southeastern Sicily

    2016 features two new options in Sicily and we checked in with Bea Tassinari, our Italian Country Coordinator, to see what she loves about the new 8-day Bicycling the Baroque Towns of Southeastern Sicily itinerary. What are some of the… Read full article

  • Acetaia Cavalli

    Two Delights from Italy’s Culinary Cycling Tour

    Bea Tassinari has been working with ExperiencePlus! in various capacities including tour leader, country coordinator, Italian office manager since the 1990s.  She is the go to person if you have any questions about Italy – it seems that no matter… Read full article

  • Sightseer Bicycling Tours by ExperiencePlus!

    At ExperiencePlus! we believe that cyclists of all ages, abilities and experience levels should have the opportunity to explore the world by bike. So this year, we’re rolling out a new style of tour designed specifically for people new to… Read full article

  • The Dolomites

    11 Things I Love About Bicycling Venice and the Dolomites

    By ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Gabriel Donati Looking for a bicycle ride that crosses cultural and geographical regions? Where you’ll see a radical change in scenery from the first to the last day?  A ride that takes you from the seaside with sand and… Read full article

  • Certified experts in gelato!

    Culinary Delights Tour Hits the Gelato Lab

    The 8 and 11 day ExperiencePlus! Whole Journey’s Culinary Delights tours feature a visit to the lab at the Carpigiani Gelato Museum and University, a fabulous opportunity to study an important (and delicious!) piece of Italian culture. Opened in 2012… Read full article

  • The Lead Goat Veered Off by Neil Anderson

    If you are looking for an adventurous and entertaining tale about cycle touring, The Lead Goat Veered Off fits the bill. If you’ve been to Sardinia or plan to head there in the future you’ll love Neil Anderson’s vivid descriptions… Read full article

  • Cyclist Seeks Puglian Cheese and Curious Cows

    Selecting a bonus “theme” to take with me on my ExperiencePlus! cycling trips has always enhanced my excitement and sense of discovery about an area. When I found out I would be going on the Cycling Puglia Plus! the Ionian… Read full article

  • Discover a Whole New Tuscany

    We have a secret to share — there is a little corner of Tuscany that has remained undiscovered where the bicycling is fantastic, far gentler than in the rest of Tuscany. It’s a magical area with authentic small towns perfectly… Read full article

  • Bicycling the Italian Lakes

    Several years ago a friend gave me a fridge magnet featuring the Madonna del Ghisallo – the Patron Saint of Bicyclist. I was thrilled and immediately affixed the magnet to the top tube of my touring bike and felt as… Read full article

  • 40th Anniversary Bike Across Italy

    By ExperiencePlus! traveler Tamsen Granger I just got back from the ExperiencePlus! 40th Anniversary Bike Across Italy Tour – Pisa to Venice- what a trip! It was 12 days of extraordinary food, fun, sights, and, oh yes, rides in the… Read full article

  • A Healing Journey

    By ExperiencePlus! Traveler Sally LaVenture Our dream had been to ride bikes through the Italian countryside on my 60th birthday. But life got in the way, or really I should say, death changed my reality. My husband, Charley, was diagnosed… Read full article

  • Via Emilia – road to Italian culinary history

    By Jeff Greenwald. Writer Jeff Greenwald joined ExperiencePlus! on a combined and modified version of our Bicycling Venice to Florence and Cycling Italy’s Culinary Delights: Emilia Romagna Plus! Bologna itineraries that featured less bicycling, and a few extra culinary highlights.… Read full article