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Cycling Puglia – The Secret Charms Of Southern Italy

Cycling Southern Italy

Puglia and the Secret Charms Of Southern Italy

Discover the lure of Puglia now, before it is fully “discovered.”

When the rest of the world thinks of Italy, the celebrity regions and cities of the North come to mind: Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Florence – while the charms of the South are too often overlooked or forgotten. Puglia, which straddles the Adriatic Coast between the spur and heel of Italy’s “boot”, is still one of the lesser-known, but richly-rewarding, and soon to be discovered gems. It offers those who seek its singular charms 500 miles of colorful coastline wrapped in the crystal blue embrace of its two gorgeous seas: the Adriatic and the Ionian. Though it is on the verge of wider discovery, Puglia is still pure and unspoiled.

An Intoxicating Mix Of Cultures, Cuisines & Architecture

With its agriculturally abundant plains in the south, mountains in the north— and a strong, stark, almost exotic beauty –  Puglia features brilliantly whitewashed towns woven into a wild tapestry of architectural shapes and styles that reflect its Greek, Italian and North African influences. All of these elements mix and mingle beneath the splendid southern sun and the sparkling, azure seas.

The Cycling Experience In Puglia

Our tour takes you cycling along the coast, over hills and vales of limestone and ravines amidst hillside vineyards, olive groves, small towns and pretty villages – coupled with the contrast of its elegant cities and Baroque architecture. The path is varied, beautiful and culturally rich. The towns and villages along the route are supplied with the bounty of fresh caught fish and the ubiquitous farm Puglia Marketplacestands overflow with locally grown apricots, peaches, grapes, cherries, melons, and all kinds of greens. Along the way,  you will enjoy the freshest of ingredients and excellent meals prepared with Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern influences.  Come ride with us as we pedal through a landscape filled with unique conical shaped dwellings known as Trulli, and visit three Unesco world heritage sites in Castel del Monte, Matera, Alberobello and Lecce.

Join Us In Puglia During Our Spring & Fall Tours

Our Spring and Fall tours have been created to capture the best of each season’s highlights.  Our spring tour is a perfect way to escape the winter blahs of North America and tune-up your body for the season while the landscape of Southern Italy blooms with poppies, jasmine and ever present sunshine. Our fall tours offer up all the legendary riches of a Puglian harvest. Join us this Spring and Fall and discover the warmth and hospitality of Southern Italy’s friendliest Old Men Of Pugliapeople.

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