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Bicycling France

  • A Brief Introduction to the Highlights of Alsace

    Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands five times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now a cultural crossroads where French finesse meets German gusto. Tucked… Read full article

  • Seeking Supper: Adventures in Sète

    New Friends And Local Favorites ExperiencePlus! Riders Find The Perfect Dinner Though it may sound counter intuitive, one of the most important elements of tour design and pre-trip planning is making space for spontaneous exploration and discovery. After all, it is sometimes… Read full article

  • Little Blue’s Big Adventure

    A Bike’s-Eye View Cycling the South of France Hey there, Little Blue here! Or, as the mechanics tend to call me, bike model Ti73/1. I’m part of the ExperiencePlus! bike fleet and have arguably the worlds greatest job! Each cycling… Read full article

  • ExperiencePlus! Traveler John Owen Paints Provence

    Traveler John Owen Paints Provence

    A Painter’s Cycling Journey Through Provence Q & A with ExperiencePlus! Traveler John Owens John Owen has been commuting by bicycle since 1971 when he rode to the University of Washington.  He and his wife Joan Andersen also like to… Read full article

  • Cycle Tours France

    My First Bike Tour

    My First Bike Tour  Conquering Fear and Finding Bliss Last fall, with no bike travel experience or real training to speak of, I went on my first guided cycling tour. It was my husband’s enthusiastic “bike touring conversion” that started… Read full article

  • Norie Quintos Cycles The Dordogne

    Reflections On A Bike Tour Of The Dordogne Q & A With Norie Quintos Norie Quintos is an Editor at Large at Nat Geo Travel Media, as well as a content strategist advising destinations and travel companies. This is her… Read full article

  • France’s Highlights and Hidden Treasures

    France is a complex and beautiful country to visit. Its people, food and regions are surprisingly diverse.  With so many things to see and it is hard to know where to start and what to see first.  Enter the “Top” sights, views, hidden… Read full article

  • Sightseer Bicycling Tours by ExperiencePlus!

    At ExperiencePlus! we believe that cyclists of all ages, abilities and experience levels should have the opportunity to explore the world by bike. So this year, we’re rolling out a new style of tour designed specifically for people new to… Read full article

  • Just another day in paradise.

    Rose Café: Love and War in Corsica

    More than four decades after he lived and worked in Corsica, John Hanson Mitchell writes of his time living on the Mediterranean island at the age of twenty.  He describes his youth as a successful disguise of being a student… Read full article

  • If Wishes Were Horses

    Cycling on the island of Corsica has been on my wish list for nearly a decade so when I learned that I would be traveling there in September to join the ExperiencePlus! Cycling Corsica – the Island of Beauty trip… Read full article

  • Corsica and the 2013 Tour de France

    In July 2013 the Tour de France, and the rest of the world, will discover what ExperiencePlus! has known for years: that Corsica, the “Island of Beauty” as first described by the Greeks over 2500 years ago, is an amazing… Read full article

  • Cycling the Languedoc

    From the moment I climbed on my bike and began pedaling through the streets in the heart of French villages, I was giddy—this is too cool.  With sweeping panoramas, Cathar castles perched on limestone cliffs, countless vineyards (and delicate croissants),… Read full article

  • My Trip of a Lifetime by Sally Miller

    I just completed the trip of my lifetime which is more commonly known as Bicycling the Best of Provence Plus! and the Luberon and Aix tour with ExperiencePlus!. I was granted the trip through the ExperiencePlus!  Send A Teacher Traveling… Read full article

  • Accommodations We Love – Part 5

    Cycling the Best of Southern Tuscany Piccolo Hotel La Valle is situated just outside the walls of the hilltop town of Pienza, a UNESCO Heritage Site which is also famous for its fabulous sheep cheese. You’ll reach it on day… Read full article

  • Cycling the Languedoc – Féria de Pentecôte

    ExperiencePlus! has two brand new cycling options in the Languedoc region of southern France. Our inaugural tours May 27 – June 3, 2012 and the Plus! version which ends on the 6th are both confirmed departures and will begin with… Read full article

  • Accommodations We Love – Part 4

    Cycling the Languedoc Our hotel in Nimes on day one of the Cycling the Languedoc tour is one with a rich history and is newly renovated and refurbished in modern taste.  The hotel’s name, “Le Cheval Blanc” has been around… Read full article

  • Accommodations We Love – Part 2

    Cycling Piemonte Plus! Lago Maggiore: The 18th century Tenimento Castle in Piedmont sits amidst expansive grounds and the lovely green space invites you to relax and enjoy the spacious central courtyard. At the end of your bike ride, pedal down… Read full article

  • Pont du Gard

    Bicycling the Best of Provence

    Just when you thought Provence couldn’t get any better ExperiencePlus! has combined two of our most popular tours in France to create one spectacular tour that has it all. Drawing on decades of our traveler’s reviews about what they like… Read full article