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Corsica and the 2013 Tour de France

In July 2013 the Tour de France, and the rest of the world, will discover what ExperiencePlus! has known for years: that Corsica, the “Island of Beauty” as first described by the Greeks over 2500 years ago, is an amazing place to ride a bike.

It seems anyone who has ever set foot on the island has been struck by its awe inspiring beauty. Cyclists in particular have been drawn here from all over the world to enjoy pristine beaches, lush forests and spectacular mountains often all in the same day’s ride. We won’t be riding on the island in July, but ExperiencePlus! offers two departures, May 13-23 and September 16 – 26, that will take you to coastal towns and watchtowers, vineyards and beaches, chestnut forests and perched villages. There is more to this island than its spectacular landscapes we’ll also learn more about the very distinct Corsican identity that has remained intact despite centuries of foreign invaders. Not only does history bear witness to the Corsican independent, free spirit but you can see it all over the island from the countryside and architecture to the language and local specialties.

Don’t take our word for it click here for a preview of what the world will be watching in July and consider that you could be riding through these spectacular landscapes this spring or fall.