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  • Irena Palosak Vrsalovic Tour Leader

    Irena Palosek Vrsalovic

    Irena was born in Split, Croatia. She has a degree in Marine Biology. After university, she worked in Bosnia as a liaison officer for the Royal Canadian Regiment visiting villages with the UN forces translating conversations between military forces and… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Bartul Dragicevic

    Bartul Dragicevic

    Bartul is a freelance software developer who has embrace a digital nomad lifestyle that he has combined with his other big passions, bike touring and gastronomy. He has been travelling by bike since 2008 and in the process visited over 40… Read full article

  • Tour Leader Toni Elezovic

    Toni Elezovic

    Born and raised in Split, Croatia, Toni has loved a variety of land and sea sports since childhood. For 9 years water polo tournaments allowed him to combine sport and travel as he explored Europe while traveling to tournaments. He… Read full article