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Word on the Street: Argentina and Chile

Riders take a break on the Patagonia Lakes trip with ExperiencePlus!

Here are a few snippets we’ve gathered from various sources that capture the essence of our bicycle tour offerings in South America. We hope that they’ll inspire you to travel south with us in the near future!

Patagonia Lakes District Plus! Chiloé Island

“I had such a fantastic time on this tour. I think I can speak for my whole family when I say that this was my most favorite vacation of all time. I absolutely LOVED the hotels including the range and variety we got to stay in. Food was good, especially breakfast. Loved the empanadas as well. I felt like I really got to experience a great part of Patagonia and even the volcano was a good story. All pre-trip correspondence was so informational and very much helped me to prepare for the trip.” Tiana E., Steamboat Springs, CO

  • This ride captures every characteristic of the Lakes Region: amazing nature, fascinating culture and history, outstanding cuisine and lodging.
  • Bariloche, where the tour begins, is just a two-hour plane ride from Buenos Aires. Upon landing you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a Swiss alpine town.
  • Crossing the Andes… a perfectly-paved road fantastic for cycling beckons. Rolling hills through the Seven Lakes help warm you up, before turning west towards Chile. Next a steady climb eventually brings you to the top of the pass, which sits at about 3,900 feet. Your reward is a magical view of an extinct volcano and the realization that you are surrounded by the Andes!
  • Chiloé Island, is a place of incredible natural beauty with a very unique history and culture (and UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • A perfect combination of excitement and adventure.

Want more? Take it to another level of challenge and ride Coast to Coast across Chile and Argentina on our ExpeditionPlus! ride this coming January.

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Chile’s Wine Country Plus! the Pacific Coast

“Sampling grapes right off the vine and then drinking the final product at one of the vineyards was amazing. Oh, and the museum in Santa Cruz blew me away. Let’s not forget about the biking; great roads, little traffic and stunningly beautiful country. Phenomenal tour and the guides were the best of the best. The experience of a lifetime. The Chilean people were welcoming and incredibly gracious as well.” Marty V., Plymouth, IN

  • Arrival and departure couldn’t be any simpler. Rendezvous in Santiago, Chile’s up and coming capital to start the tour and we’ll drop you off there at the end.
  • Like any young upstart, Chile has its own flavor and personality. Chileans are fiercely proud of their heritage, and will make sure you know why and how they are different from Peruvians and Argentinians.
  • When you come home and visit your local wine store you’ll recognize the names of the vineyards and wineries you have visited. Having met the vintners you’ll have a deeper understanding of what makes each variety special.
  • Smooth pavement with minimal traffic lead you through small towns and farms. This area is considered the “bread basket” of Chile and you can see Chilean Huasos (cowboy farmers) pedaling or riding their horses to and from their fields on our bicycle routes.
  • Reminiscent of the traditional landscapes and wine regions of Europe though the Chilean touch is ever present.  The Cordillera de los Andes (Andes mountain range) watches over you as you bicycle between the Coastal Range and the Andes.

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Northern Argentina Plus! the Ruins of Quilmes

“Incredibly well-planned and supported in an exceptionally beautiful locale. My favorite things: The camaraderie of the group, interacting with the friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable support staff and the home-cooked meals eaten at the homes of ordinary local people.” John T., Portland, OR

  • Desert to rain forest. On the day we go to Salta we start in a very dry area with cactus and dusty villages of adobe houses – we’re not so far from Atacama, the world’s driest desert. By the afternoon you’ll be pedaling through a thick rainforest where trees arch over the road forming a cool and welcoming tunnel of countless shades of green.
  • You start at 7000 feet above sea level and the first three days of the tour are mostly downhill. A favorite day  – the ride to Juyjuy where you have over 3000 feet of downhill of a traffic-free road!
  • Explore contrasting styles of wine production. One is a major producer in the area, and the other a tiny, family-run operation. Learn and taste the difference between these two approaches.
  • A favorite visit is to a goat farm to see the entire process from milking to making cheese. It’s unclear if the goats are the draw or the cheese that’s produced!
  • A surprise for most is that tobacco also has a deep history in the area. We’ll visit the tobacco museum to learn more.
  • Cafayate is incredible. It’s like an oasis. You’re pedaling, pedaling, pedaling for 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) through canyons and there isn’t a hint of civilization. Then all of a sudden: Cafayate! How could Argentina’s most beautiful town be out here in the middle of nowhere?

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Join us in Patagonia, Chile’s Wine Country or Northern Argentina and see what all the fuss is about!