ExperiencePlus! Blog

Customer Sherry Walker:
I ride so I can eat and still fit into my clothes.  I go on bicycling trips to eat, my husband, Scott, goes to ride.

Actually, if you are referring to ExperiencePlus! trips, we ride because we think it is a better way to experience the culture and landscape.  We are both fairly active and can’t just sit by a pool for a week, let alone longer.  I love to cook and try new foods so riding a bike allows me to stop at every patisserie and gelateria and wineries and fromager, cioccolateria, and…

I also think riding makes you think and engages your senses.  You aren’t just a passive tourist, in which case, you might as well stay home and watch National Geographic television.

Customer Robert Perry:
Why do I ride…hmmm.  That’s not as easy a question as it should be.  Because I like to.  It’s really good exercise.  Since we ride a tandem (mostly), it something, my wife, Sylvia and I can do together.  We live in a very nice area and this gives us a good opportunity to get out and see it.  It’s a social activity — we often ride with a friend, or (on the organized rides) a group of friends.  On the long rides there’s a feeling of accomplishment.

For ExperiencePlus! tours it gives us a chance to really see the country side and talk to people who live there.  Again, it’s a social event and a way to get some exercise on vacation, but mostly it gives us an opportunity to brush up against a people and a culture in a way that is foreign to those who travel by car.

Let’s face it — it’s fun.