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Customer Joni Heath is joining ExperiencePlus! to Chase Lance in the Pyrenees in the summer of 2010. Here’s her response to why she rides a bike:
I thought of this question on my ride today. The people of Fort Collins, CO enjoy the Tour de Fat bicycle parade.

It is the best way for me to spend my play time outside.  I see the beauty of our neck of the world at a pleasant pace, can enjoy the solitude and be reflective, or soak up the camaraderie of others.  It’s a great way for me to maintain/build fitness, feel alive, and invigorated.  An incredible stress reducer.

Just my bike and me..(and lest we forget the elements) …what are you going to do with it / them today?

Every ride is different with variables in what to wear (the beginning and ending of the season in Wisconsin can be tricky to get the layers right), where to go—hills?  flats?  combo?  We have incredible options within minutes of leaving home on our bikes, figuring out what is up with the wind and do I want to head into it or deal with it on the way home and is there a route to completely avoid it? (hahaha) How hard to push-always a personal challenge to be honest with myself on how hard I can / should go.

Thanks for asking—it is such a pleasant thing to contemplate.

John Caldwell has done a number of trips with ExperiencePlus! including one stage of our ExpeditionPlus! trip from St Petersburg to Istanbul. He’s also rented one of our bikes and traveled around Italy on his own. Here is his answer to why he rides:

Feeling like Super Man on a bicyle. Yes, the hair is really a helmet.When I am bicycling particularly in the country, I enjoy the freedom and the ability to see nature and have new experiences at a pace that is satisfying. I am a runner and I love running but you cannot cover the ground as fast and it takes more energy.  A car is too fast and restrictive, but cycling is right for me.  I love the mountains and I like to climb on my bike and I love the exhilaration of going fast down hill.