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How To: Everything you need to know about using our website

Trying to decide where to go? Need help with travel planning? We’ve got the resources we need!

Our recent website redesign was done with the goal of providing you with easy access to all the bicycle tour itineraries and information you need to decide on your next cycling vacation.   We are most excited about the new Tour Levels making it easier for you to know what kind of cycling to expect on tour. Along with newly classified tour levels, our itinerary descriptions now provide daily riding levels to help you find a bicycle tour that is best suited to your physical capabilities and interests. We invite you to poke around our website and explore the many tools and resources available to help you find your next bike tour!

Here’s our brief breakdown of where to find just what your looking for no matter what part of the trip planning process you are in.

Start Exploring
Homepage: Quickly access links to all of our bicycle tours in Europe and Latin America, browse information about our bikes, learn more about ExperiencePlus! and get in touch with our staff.

Narrow Your Search
The new Tour Finder is quite possibly the most exciting update. Our Tour Finder allows you to narrow your bike tour search by searching for specifics including time of year, desired country, number of days, or the riding level of the tour you would like to take.

What to Expect on Tour
Gain deeper insight into what you can expect while traveling with ExperiencePlus! You can learn more about our chalk arrow navigation system, lodging and meals, what to expect on a typical day on tour, and the standard inclusions that come with all of our bicycling vacations.

(New!) Bike Tour Levels
Learn the method and definitions behind our level 1 – 5 tours so that you can select the right level of physical demand (or lack there of) that you’re looking for in a tour with our detailed breakdown of tour levels.

Our Bikes
We offer premium road, hybrid, and e-bikes for our rides in Europe, Argentina and Chile. For Cuba, our bike fleet is made up of high quality fitness (hybrid) bikes. Tandem riders, we have options for you too on our European tours. Take a look at our bike fleet and decide which bike is best for your next bicycle tour.

After You Book
Once you’ve booked your bike tour we’ve got a host of helpful tips about your destination, information on getting around, reading and movie lists and our favorite hotel recommendations.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Find all the answers to questions that frequently pop up with our travelers.

Read in-depth features on the places we tour, gear reviews, fitness programs, cycling tips and tricks, and stay up to date on the latest news from ExperiencePlus!.

About Us
Meet the owners, staff and tour leaders on our interactive staff page.

Contact Us
Most importantly, stay in touch! Send us an email or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with what is happening at ExperiencePlus as you plan your next guided bike tour.