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How to Clear US Customs Faster

Our Travel Tip this month comes from longtime customer and frequent traveler, Dave Forester. Here’s what Dave suggests to save time clearing US Customs. Enroll in the U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s “Global Entry” system, known as “GOES”. This allows you to clear passport control on your re-entry to the U.S. on an expedited basis. For example, this past Tuesday afternoon, returning to  Washington-Dulles International from Rome, I cleared passport control in under five minutes, compared to a more typical 20 to 30 minute or more wait through conventional channels.

A simple application and interview process plus a $100 fee, allows participants fast tracking through both passport and customs for five years. The system is available at principal airports throughout the U.S.  Start the application process at www.globalentry.gov.  Even if one only takes a few trips overseas during the five years, it is a time and hassle saver. I am a satisfied “customer”, having already use Global Entry twice this year.