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Tour Leader Cristina Taioli publishes her travel essay: “Una Romagnola sul Kilimangiaro”

Tour Leader Cristina Taioli publishes her travel essay: "Una Romagnola sul Kilimangiaro"

ExperiencePlus Book Announcement -  Una Romagnola sul Kilimangiaro

Most ExperiencePlus! tour leaders work only part time for us. When they are not leading tours they are traveling the world to expand their own horizons. In 2004 Italian tour leader Cristina Taioli headed off to Kenya and Tanzania during her off season. She spent two months exploring and, among other adventures, she climbed Mount Kiliminjaro.

Cristina’s diary, published in Italian under the name Una Romagnola sul Kilimangiaro is a diary of her solo travels over a two month period in 2004. Available only in Italian, the book is written in a clear and concise prose suitable even for beginning students of Italian. Indeed, anyone who reads Spanish or French should be able to understand Cri’s wonderful essay.

The cost is 8 Euros and it can be ordered from any book store in Italy or online.

Cristina writes that the book started as her personal diary where she wanted to keep memories of all the experiences and emotions she felt when she was in Africa. She traveled alone for two months and was overwhelmed by the infinity of the African landscape, the colors, and the smells as well as the animals, the people and their cultures. The people she met were unique. She met the inhabitants of different tribal villages and lived with them for some time. Cristina sailed with the locals around an island near the eastern coast of Kenya. And she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, all 19,000 feet of it, the toughest thing she’d ever done in her life!

Read her essay and become a part of her adventure!