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Top 4 tours for a Taste of Germany

These tours will give you a true taste of Germany’s rich history and varied cultural traditions across its many regions. You will not only experience the diversity of German cultures and customs, but from this gem nestled in the heart of Europe, you’ll be cycling into its neighboring countries and experience first-hand how cultures have been coming together for centuries to sprout and cultivate unique traditions and cuisines!

Bicycling Secret Bavaria Plus! the Austrian Alps

Bicycling is a huge part of German culture and Bavaria is about as scenic as you can get. Cycle along quiet roads and soak in the history and traditions still thriving in villages sprinkled throughout southern Germany. Explore some of the best-preserved towns and villages from the 15th through the 18th century, as Bavaria lends itself to the many charming German clichés. Along the way you will pass by fairy tale castles sitting in the clouds, cows roaming in green pastures… And don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the company of a local gentleman sporting a pair of lederhosen while enjoying a delicious, frothy beer.

Highlights: Bad Mergentheim, Augsburg, Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Würzburg, Rothenburg on the Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Landsberg, Austrian Alps

Departure Dates:

Bicycling Bavaria’s Back roads (8-day)

Bicycling Bavaria’s Back Roads Plus! the Austrian Alps (11-day)

Grand Bicycling Tour of Alsace and the Black Forest

Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands 5 times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now a cultural crossroads where French finesse meets German gusto. Tucked between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River the region enjoys a perfect balance between architecture, nature, and gastronomy. Although officially located in France, the Alsatians have a distinct identity and refuse to be grouped with neither the French from the “interior” nor the Germans across the Rhine river. Join us as we explore the wine roads and villages of Alsace.

At the end of the tour we get a full-fledged taste of German culture as we cycle into Germany and enjoy 2,000 year old thermal baths, the center of Germany’s haute cuisine, wineries, beer gardens, and some spectacular rides through magical villages.

Highlights: Some of France’s best cuisine, Parc Regional des Vosges du Nord, Alsatian villages, The Wine Road, Pedal from France to Germany, Saverne, Colmar, Wine tasting, Freiburg, Baiersbronn – Center of Germany’s Haute Cuisine, Baden Baden

Departure Dates

Grand Bicycling Tour of Alsace and the Black Forest (14-Days)

Bicycling the Vineyards of Alsace (8-Days)

Bicycling the Black Forest to Lake Constance (8-Days)


Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin

A Northern European tour extraordinaire, cycling from one vibrant city to another, with both capitals renowned for their urban cycling culture and lifestyle, our Copenhagen to Berlin cycling tour promises to be a winner. Spend four days in Denmark, pedaling across some of the country’s quintessential islands and along the Baltic Sea before traversing it to reach the “Continent.” Your cycling route will connect some of the most important trading towns of the Hanseatic League which from 1400-1800 dominated the trade routes and economies of the Baltic countries. Our ride in Germany touches upon several important cities including Hamburg which considers itself a trendsetter for the rest of Germany (perhaps all of Europe), and Lübeck (home of the Hanseatic League), Potsdam, and finishes with epic and history-laden Berlin!

Highlights: Copenhagen and its cycling path network, Beaches along the Baltic, Lübeck – UNESCO World Heritage Site, Best marzipan in the world, Guided tour of Hamburg harbor, The Iron Curtain, Birding opportunities, Potsdam’s Sanssouci Palace

Departure Dates

Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin (14 Days)

Cycling Copenhagen to Hamburg (8 Days)

Cycling Hamburg to Berlin (8 Days)

Bicycling the Danube Plus! Czech Republic and Prague

Pedal off the beaten track past gently rolling countryside, lakes, and through tiny towns as you bicycle from Germany’s Passau, nestled like a little treasure in a valley where three rivers meet, through Austria and the Czech Republic ending in the majestic city of Prague. Every day is an opportunity to explore the colorful towns and impressive historical sites including a stop in the town of Melk to visit the Benedictine Melk Abbey, perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river. You’ll get a flavor for the local food and landscape while pedaling past vineyards (and stopping to taste some fantastic wine!), through forbidden forests along the Austrian/Czech border, and into late Renaissance towns unchanged since the 17th century. Gently rolling cycling, bicycle-friendly paths and roads in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic make this region enormously popular for cyclists of all stripes.

Highlights: Cycling bike paths, Boat ride on the famous Danube river, Crossing three borders, Wine tastings, Historic abbeys and castles.

Departure Dates

Bicycling the Danube Plus! Czech Republic and Prague (14 Days)

Cycling Vienna to Prague (9 Days)

Cycling the Danube: Passau to Vienna (7 Days)