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Montse Bosch Olives

Tour Leader Montse Bosch Olives

Montse was born and bred in Minorca, a beautiful, unspoiled Balearic Island in the Mediterranean. 

Sports have had a great influence on Montse’s life since she was a teenager. She loves cycling, climbing, hiking, and sailing, along with other adventure activities. She has been able to make a career out of her passion for the outdoors and has guided group kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and horse riding tours along Minorca’s coastline. 

Montse also has a passion for learning and moved to Granada in southern Spain a few years ago to study English. She moved to the Basque country of northern Spain in April 2014 to get to know the area and discover new playgrounds. 

Join Montse and share her love of traveling, discovering new places, and cultures at the pace she truly believes is best – cycling. 

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 2014 
  • Languages: Spanish and English 
  • Favorite bike item: Handlebar 
  • Favorite place to ride: Coastline  
  • Next dream vacation: India