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Juan Pablo Mansilla

portrait of Juan Pablo Mansilla

Juan Pablo, or “Jata”, was born and grew up in Santiago, Chile. He studied at the German high school of Santiago and later in Concepción, when his family moved there for work. Juan Pablo worked for many years in Chile’s central valley as an Agronomist engineer in the fruit exportation industry. He then moved to the place he’d fallen in love with long ago: the magical Chiloé Island in Chile’s Lakes District. He founded CHILOËTNICO, his own tourism company in 2000 and led his first tour with ExperiencePlus! in 2005 —  Bicycling Patagonia’s Lakes District Plus! the Island of Chiloé. His years of experience in Chile’s Central Valley were key to designing and developing the ExperiencePlus! Bicycling Chile´s Wine Country routes. With a deep knowledge of history, flora & fauna, Juan Pablo brings a richness and depth to travelers’ experiences in Chile and Argentina. One of his goals is that when guests leave they will have at least one new piece of information about Chilean culture.