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Tour Leader Jo Kent

Jo had a transatlantic upbringing moving between Canada, the US and the UK. She studied and worked in the fields of geology and database programming but eventually traded office life for a move to France to work in a vineyard. She now lives near Toulouse in the sunny southwest, and when not cycling enjoys trips to the nearby Pyrénées to hike, climb, and backcountry ski. By the happy coincidence of being the only female and the youngest member by about 20 years, she is also the unofficial mascot of her local cycling club.

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 2013
  • Languages: English and French
  • Favorite bike item: Sugoi bike shorts and Icebreaker merino wool T-shirt
  • Favorite place to ride: Patagonia
  • Next dream vacation: Travel the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan