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Igor Baccini

Igor Baccini is our “Bike Fleet and Logistics Manager” at our headquarters in Italy. He takes care of our bike fleet in Europe and during the summer season he has two bike mechanics working full time for him as he assigns bikes to all European tours and supervises the movement of all vans and bikes that leave our main headquarters in Italy. He also is one of our star tour leaders in Europe. In his spare time, he can’t get away from biking as he spends his vacation bicycle touring with friends. Ask him about his summer bike tours with his friends as he works on converting more of them to bicycle maniacs like him. He has been skateboarding since he was thirteen and loves to ride and help friends build parks and ramps. Although he does not drink coffee, does not follow soccer, and has a Russian name, do not be fooled, he is 100% Italian.

“Igor was very knowledgable about the route and always ready to help when needed.”

“Igor was just amazing. He constantly went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy. This guy seemed tireless as he worked on our bikes even after riding with us on some of the more daunting days. He was well organized, knew his stuff, but most importantly, he was someone that was fun to travel with. The best way to described Igor is that he took care of us like we were family.”