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Aurore Debry

Tour Leader Aurore Debry

Aurore leads tours with ExperiencePlus! in France, Spain, and Belgium. She previously managed a supermarket and a yoga school until she left everything to travel by bike around Europe for a year and a half. Eventually she decided to combine all those experiences into leading tours on the road, sharing her passions and interests along the routes. When not leading tours, she welcomes cyclotourists traveling the Eurovelo to her family’s bed and breakfast located on a farm outside Brussels. She also coaches women to create the life they want for themselves. In her free time, Aurore loves to travel, practice yoga, play music and dance. 

  • With ExperiencePlus! Since: 2022 
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese 
  • Favorite bike item: Saddle 
  • Favorite place to bike: Portugal 
  • Next dream vacation: Indonesia