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  • Spanish Tapas

    Simply Spanish Tapas: Entertaining Made Easy The first time I traveled to Spain I ordered a glass of wine in a bar and along with it came a tiny assortment of bite-size appetizers. I did my best to explain in… Read full article

  • Photo courtesy of teh Washington Post

    A Catalan Tradition Revived: Shepherding

    Our tour leaders in Spain recently forwarded this compelling New York Time’s article on Shepherd Schools in the Catalonia region. The story struck close to home for Tour Leader and Spanish Tour Manager Joan Escosura who was born in Barcelona… Read full article

  • Movie Review: Walking the Camino – Six Ways To Santiago

    Geography, history, spirituality, people, adventure. These are just a few of the puzzle pieces that come together to form the “camino experience” for anyone traveling the Camino de Santiago en route to Santiago de Compostela. These also happen to be perfect subjects for a compelling story… Read full article

  • Views from Parc Guell, Barcelona

    The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

    Dive into this deliciously dark tale about passion, love, loss and life and follow David Martín, the main character, through Barcelona’s murky alleys and wide avenues. David is a gifted writer who is emerging from a poor and desolate family… Read full article

  • Romesco Sauce - photo courtesy of wikipedia

    Romesco Sauce

    Tour leader Joan Escosura shares this recipe for Romesco Sauce which is a specialty of  the Catalonia region of Spain where he lives (and leads bicycle tours!) Joan also wisely points out that giving a recipe for a sauce is… Read full article

  • Mary Kay on the Camino de Santiago

    One Pilgrim’s Way

    You’re doing what? Why on earth….? You’re walking how far? By yourself? How long will that take you? Are you crazy? Do you speak any Spanish? Some of these questions came from friends and family, some came from me. I… Read full article

  • Guy Lothian in Catalonia with ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours

    Cyclists of Spain by Guy Lothian

    ExperiencePlus! traveler Guy Lothian impressed us with his talent for words and we love this ode that was inspired by “an afternoon encounter with some serious local cyclists” during the May 2014 ExperiencePlus! ride along the Costa Brava in Catalonia,… Read full article

  • Cycling Andalucia: News from the Field

    We’re always tickled when writers and photographers come on tour, and this time, Brice Peressini is reporting from Andalucia, Spain. He’s put together a post for each day of the tour, and we welcome you to follow along. Cycling Andalucia… Read full article

  • Tortillas from Catalonia

    Spanish omelets or tortillas are one of the most common dishes in Spain and though most are made with potatoes the French influenced Catalan version uses chick peas instead. You can enjoy a tortilla for a snack, lunch or light… Read full article

  • Accommodations We Love – Part 7

    If our itinerary descriptions have whetted your appetite and you’re starting to daydream, let us help you set the stage with these splendid backdrops.  Proudly announcing Accommodations We Love Part 7…with some properties from new departures in Catalonia, & Slovenia.… Read full article

  • photo credit: http://theway-themovie.com/media.php

    Movie Review: The Way

    Movie Review: The Way     Directed by Emilio Estevez Tom, a doctor from California, was living a comfortable life on his own until he received a phone call that would change his mindset entirely. He never expected that his… Read full article

  • Accommodations We Love – Part 1

    ExperiencePlus! has added one more piece of information to our itineraries to enhance the fun and excitement of choosing your next bike trip – you can now check out the hotels on each day.  Since we originally launched our website… Read full article

  • Iberia by James Michener

    Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! traveler Bill Giovinazzo During our last trip with ExperiencePlus, my son and I were having dinner when he ordered Coquilles St. Jacques. As we ate our dinner I told him the origin of the dish and how… Read full article