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  • Bicycling Alsace – The Inaugural Journey

    After the Cycling the Vineyards of Alsace trip debut in July 2010, cyclists proclaimed that the tour had earned itself an instant place on their “best trips ever” lists because of the region’s many treasures, brilliant colors and pastoral splendor.… Read full article

  • Potato Soup with a Mediterranean Twist

    The common potato is a simple winter vegetable that makes an innovative, warm and creamy soup if paired with a tangy Mediterranean fruit like the olive. The best type of olive to use is one that is flavorful, dark and… Read full article

  • Creamy French Pumpkin Soup

    Creamy French Pumpkin Soup (A note from Rick Price of ExperiencePlus!) This recipe comes to us from Josette Smyrl, coordinator of our France hotels and restaurants from 1995 through October of 2006. This submission, indeed, marks the end of a… Read full article

  • “Merci Beau Coup” Means “Thank You” in Italian, Too

    “Merci Beau Coup” Means “Thank You” in Italian, Too The clear morning followed a special evening for our group on the Little Tour of Tuscany; the night before had been pure magic. Following a stunning meal, most of us went… Read full article

  • French Béchamel Sauce

    Ingredients: 3 tbsp butter or margarine 1/3 cup flour 2 cups milk 1/2 cup grated cheese or more salt and pepper to taste la technique Melt the butter or margarine in sauce pan. Add flour and stir with wisk, or… Read full article