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  • Giovanni Valetti and crew

    The Surprising Life of Tour Leader Gabriele Monaco

    Gabriele Monaco – Film Maker, Tour Leader, History Buff Q & A with Gabriele about his film Valetti – The Forgotten Hero When Gabriele Monaco isn’t leading ExperiencePlus! bicycle tours in Italy you’ll find him working on his latest film… Read full article

  • My Italian Secret

    My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes

    “My Italian Secret:  the Forgotten Heroes,” written, produced and directed by Oren Jacoby, 2014.  Now available on Netflix.com. It seems that we will never know the full story of the Holocaust. Every new book, movie, or eyewitness account sheds new… Read full article

  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales – Written and Directed by Damián Szifrón

    Argentine director and writer Damián Szifrón holds bragging rights for Argentina’s most popular film of 2014. His film “Wild Tales” was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign film, as well as, the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film… Read full article

  • A Year in Burgundy

    A Year in Burgundy Directed by David Kennard

    My knowledge of wine is limited to what I can remember from the several wine tours I’ve been on with ExperiencePlus! and I’m confident that I would I would fail the “Davis test”  (have a friend pour room temperature red… Read full article

  • Haute Cuisine: Movie Review

    A new movie is on the playbill. As the film transports you to Paris and into the kitchen of personal cook to President of the Republic of France, we warn you: you may find yourself either looking to hop on… Read full article

  • Irish Soda Bread and The Boys and Girl From County Claire

    (Irish) Snacks and a Movie

    Looking for an opportunity to get some Irish culture, to savor the flavor and sound of traditional food and music of the Emerald Isle? Go ahead and rent a movie from our Ireland film recommendation page, or if this review… Read full article

  • photo credit: http://theway-themovie.com/media.php

    Movie Review: The Way

    Movie Review: The Way     Directed by Emilio Estevez Tom, a doctor from California, was living a comfortable life on his own until he received a phone call that would change his mindset entirely. He never expected that his… Read full article