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  • Carcassonne

    New in France – Cycling the Languedoc

    Cycling the Languedoc (Plus! French Catalonia) With a variety of landscapes bathed by the Mediterranean sun and connected with a vast network of small country roads that extend from the sea to the mountains, the Languedoc is a region ideally… Read full article

  • Bicycling Scotland’s Highlands

    The cat is out of the bag, we have another new favorite cycling destination—Scotland.  I was fortunate enough to join the inaugural group on our 11-day Bicycling Scotland’s Highlands Coast to Coast Plus! the Isle of Skye (there is also… Read full article

  • Veneto and the Dolomites with ExperiencePlus!

    Bicycling Italy’s Veneto and the Dolomites – Twice

    Each year at least one or two of our travelers registers for a bicycling trip that they’ve done previously. With so many places in the world to bicycle, we wonder, why do the same trip twice?   When John Sadler… Read full article

  • Patagonia Day 9 – 10 Chiloe Island

    After our penguin viewing, seafood eating transfer to Chiloé, we had high expectations for our time near Castro. Unlike some hotels that claim to be “on the water”, Palafito definitely lives up to its claim. Wooden stilts held the hotel… Read full article

  • Bicycling Scotland’s Highlands Plus – the Isle of Skye

    ExperiencePlus!’s bicycling trip across Scotland was born of customer requests to offer a cycling itinerary in the United Kingdom, and what an option this Coast to Coast trip is! Scotland is Europe’s leading adventure travel destination with good reason. A… Read full article

  • Chile: A New Destination with a Familiar Twist

    In October 2009 I was fortunate enough to head south and help lead our inaugural bicycle tour through Chile’s wine country.  ExperiencePlus! is proud to be one of the first US bicycle touring companies to offer tours here just as… Read full article

  • Bicycle through History in Sicily in Preparation for …

    Sicily looms large in the minds of Americans when they think of Italy because this, the largest island in the Mediterranean region, sent something like a million and a half Sicilians emigrants to the US in the early part of… Read full article

  • Keep Your Sunscreen Out This Winter

    Join ExperiencePlus! in Costa Rica Now is the time to plan your escape from cold winter temperatures that are, unfortunately, lurking just around the corner. Costa Rica offers you sunshine, great bicycle rides, tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches, active volcanoes, hot… Read full article

  • Discovering Northern Argentina with Javier Lardone

    When I was asked to write about our Discover Northern Argentina bike tours, the first thing that came to my mind was: how do I begin to describe this place? If I could only use one word, undoubtedly it would… Read full article

  • Would You Like a Western Movie with that Spaghetti?

    What do Clint Eastwood, Andalucia in southern Spain, the Italian island of Sardinia and Italian composer Ennio Morricone have in common?  Surely you’ve heard of “spaghetti westerns” – “A Fistful of Dollars,” “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly,” “Once… Read full article

  • Cycling and Eating through the Piedmont Region of Italy

    When people ask me what my favorite bike tour in Italy is, I always say Venice to Florence or Venice to Pisa because I think it is such a great introduction to Italy. But, if you were to ask me… Read full article

  • Patagonia – A Tour Leader’s …

    As an Argentine-American who has spent life moving around the world since childhood, I am fortunate to say that I live in a truly marvelous part of the world. Bariloche, in the Patagonian Lakes District, still takes my breath away… Read full article

  • Tour Report: Cycling Andalucia

    Tour Report: Cycling Andalucia The Cycling Andalucia tour offers days of riding in wide open spaces, climbs to villages in the hills of the Sierra Mountains, near traffic-free roads through olive groves extending as far as the eye can see,… Read full article