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Bicycling Chile

  • Bicycling Patagonia's Lakes District with ExperiencePlus!

    South America – Patagonian Sunshine Awaits

    The time change is a clear reminder that winter is coming. In just a few weeks it will be dark when we leave the office at 5:00 p.m. (group sigh). We all agree that the only sensible course of action… Read full article

  • Starr and another rider enjoy the views in Patagonia's Lakes District with ExperiencePlus!

    Bicycle Patagonia: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

    By ExperiencePlus! travelers Starr and Phil Teague The Patagonia Lakes District Plus! the Island of Chiloé bicycle trip was one of our best vacation experiences ever. The biking was challenging and fun, the scenery was varied and beautiful, the food… Read full article

  • Rafting on the Futaleufu

    ExpeditionPlus! South America

    The ExpeditionPlus! concept originated back in 2006 when ExperiencePlus! co-founder Rick Price dreamed of offering continental scale tours for strong and experienced riders. The rules for expeditions needed to be different – the mileage would be  60 to 100 miles… Read full article

  • Cycling and Sampling in Chile’s Wine Country

    Chile’s central valley is home to many of Chile’s top wineries, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains it’s the perfect climate for growing grapes. Landscapes are reminiscent of Napa, California and cyclists will discover 201 level rides… Read full article

  • que dia es hoy – patagonia

    This month we’d like to share a very entertaining blog from Hess Kim who was on the December 10 – 20, 2011, Bicycling Patagonia’s Lake District Plus! the Island of Chiloé trip. She uses photos with short captions to share… Read full article

  • Winter Tour Updates: Chile and Argentina

    Although we may feel like we have perfected each and every tour itinerary we offer, over the years we’ve learned that more often than not they are a work in progress.  This is true for the late 2011 and 2012… Read full article

  • Chiloé Island: A Cultural Oasis in Patagonia

    Winter is just around the corner for all of us who live in North America, which means that summer is just around the corner in Patagonia’s Lakes District in Argentina and Chile. Join us this December, January, or February to… Read full article

  • Patagonia Day 9 – 10 Chiloe Island

    After our penguin viewing, seafood eating transfer to Chiloé, we had high expectations for our time near Castro. Unlike some hotels that claim to be “on the water”, Palafito definitely lives up to its claim. Wooden stilts held the hotel… Read full article

  • Patagonia day 8: transfer to Chiloe Island

    After our night in Petrohue, it was time to bid goodbye to two cyclists and a guide. Doug left to spend a few days in Santiago before he’ll return to Maine, while Lindsay headed directly home to Denver. Tika, our… Read full article

  • Patagonia day 6: Morning Trip to Puerto Montt and Canyoning

    Yesterday we had a break from biking – and from packing our bags and moving to a different town and hotel again. Javier and Tristan offered to take the group to the nearby city of Puerto Montt for the morning… Read full article

  • Patagonia day 3: Crossing the Border: Cardenal Samore Pass

    Day 3: Crossing to Chile was the longest and the hardest day of riding. It was also the day with the most bureaucracy because we left Argentina and entered Chile. Thank goodness we had beautiful weather! After leaving the hotel,… Read full article

  • Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country (Plus! the Pacific Coast)

    Recently mentioned in National Geographic, the Maule and Colchagua wine valleys of central Chile are a must-see for both adventurers and foodies—and what better way to make the trek than by road bike? ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours is ready to take… Read full article

  • Chile: A New Destination with a Familiar Twist

    In October 2009 I was fortunate enough to head south and help lead our inaugural bicycle tour through Chile’s wine country.  ExperiencePlus! is proud to be one of the first US bicycle touring companies to offer tours here just as… Read full article

  • Patagonia – A Tour Leader’s …

    As an Argentine-American who has spent life moving around the world since childhood, I am fortunate to say that I live in a truly marvelous part of the world. Bariloche, in the Patagonian Lakes District, still takes my breath away… Read full article

  • Bicycling Chile’s Wine Country

    Over the years, Chile has built a reputation of development, production and exportation of fine wines.  Yet it is uncommon to hear about the fertile lands where these fine grapes grow. Join us on our bicycle tour through Chile’s wine… Read full article

  • Patagonia, With Gears to Spare!

    Patagonia, With Gears to Spare! “It’s the freakin’ Andes, Jim!” Jim and I had been leap-frogging for the first part of the day—I’d stop to take photos and he’d pass me, then he’d stop for munchies or photos and I’d… Read full article