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Staying Clean While on the Road: Bicycle Touring Laundry

Bike Tour Hygiene

Like many, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Ummmmm… hmmm…. Where’s the laundromat?? What happens if I have to go to the bathroom on tour??” Well, we want to assure you right off the bat that you’ll find most of the comforts of home while on our trips, but there are a few tips and tidbits to know about. Either way though, no matter the level of cleanliness you seek, we’ll probably have a solution for you!

Laundry – Do-it-yourself laundromats can be found in larger cities, although sometimes finding them is difficult.  If we are staying multiple nights in a hotel, usually hotels en route also offer laundry service for a fee, but they charge by the piece and it can get expensive. We recommend bringing some detergent and for immediate laundry needs washing by hand.  We find a cycling kit or polyester shirts can dry overnight, especially if you wring it in a towel before throwing it over the shower rod!

Scrubba – Bit of a clean freak? Want fresh clothes every morning? Well the folks at Scrubba have come up with a brilliant solution to doing laundry on the road! This super cool and incredibly well designed product means you’ll never be far from the nearest laundry facility!

Bathrooms – Some people wonder about bathroom breaks on a long day of cycling and here at ExperiencePlus! we want to ensure you that we design our routes to pass through villages and towns to give you the opportunity to locate cafés when in need of a bathroom, also called a WC or water closet. However, it may not always be possible and in some situations you may need to use the “green door” (the great outdoors), and although we don’t stay in luxury hotels, we do insist on comfort and a private bathroom in each room (unless stated otherwise in the itinerary). If you stop at a local café or bar, please note that it is a common practice and an expected courtesy to purchase a small item such as bottled water, coffee or a snack when utilizing their facilities. It may be useful to carry some tissue with you, since not all public restrooms have toilet paper.