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Start Here: Best Bike Tours for Beginner Riders

Not Sure Where You Should Ride?

Start with one of these 6 trips.

Selecting a bike tour can be a daunting task. With dozens of countries and routes to choose from, it is difficult to even know where to start the selection process. In order to help narrow your focus we’ve compiled a short-list of 6 tours that are great for first time bike travelers.  Whether you are worried about varying abilities between you and a partner or you have never really ridden more than a few miles on a bike, we have the trip to get you started seeing the world by bike.

These “first timer” tours take you off the beaten path at a pace anyone can keep up with.

Bike Across Italy – Venice to Pisa (or Florence)

The classic.

This is the original bike tour across Italy. Plus, it was the first tour ExperiencePlus! designed back in 1972! Needless to say, it’s withstood the test of time and remains one of our most popular. Beginning in Venice this bike tour is perfect for riders of all levels and takes you through some of Italy’s iconic art cities including Ferrara, Ravenna, Florence, Lucca and Pisa. You will also dine in two of Italy’s best culinary regions (Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany), take in local markets, and discover a side of Italy seldom seen by tourists.

Cycle the Lakes of Austria and Slovenia

Get off the beaten path.

Explore alpine landscapes with a hint of the Mediterranean as you cycle through three countries – Austria, Slovenia and Italy.  This tour is a fascinating intersection of Slavic, German, and Italian culture. Quiet roads and river paths lead you through picturesque villages, along traditional farmhouses, imposing medieval castles and cozy hotels. Pedal your way through a variety of stunning settings and fascinating cultures on this diverse tour.

Cycling the Loire Valley

Wine, dine, and soak-in French charm.

Take in the royal splendor of the Loire Valley while cycling past grand chateaux, hilltop villages, and lazy rivers.  This tour offers a traffic-free route that is a treat for all the senses as you take in the quintessential French experience! Wind through forests and vineyards, tour Leonardo da Vinci’s Clos Lucé, and even sleep in a castle! This is the ideal tour to enjoy a stunning setting with family and friends.

Bike Paths of Lake Garda

Nature lovers, look no further.

Wind your way along bike paths in two of Italy’s premier bike-friendly regions!  This route provides lots of leisurely pedaling, which allows you the time to really take in those stunning views of the Dolomites and the Alps, Trento, Adige River Valley, and rolling vineyards. In addition to great cycling you’ll have the opportunity to take on a diverse range of activities including an underground guided walk of Roman Trento, a boat trip on Lake Garda, a train ride into Valsugana – just to name a few!  This is the perfect cycling route to ride care-free along designated bike paths and quiet country roads.

Bicycling Bavaria’s Backroads

Fall into this fairy-tale setting.

Follow Germany’s famous Romantic Road which stretches from central Germany to the Austrian Alps. This route provides a link back in time, extending from the Roman occupation of Trans-alpine Gaul into the medieval and Renaissance periods. Today some of the best-preserved towns and villages from the 15th through the 18th century are strung out like pearls throughout Bavaria. You’ll bicycle through the fairy tale landscape of the brothers Grimm and gain a better understanding of this historic part of central Europe.

Cycling Italy’s Culinary Delights

Enough said.

On this tour, travelers bicycle through Italy’s premier pasta and food region. Every meal includes traditional, locally-prepared dishes. Every day of cycling will take you past ancient castles and world heritage UNESCO sites and towns on your way to behind-the-scene visits of Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto curing houses and wine makers. Food, history, art, culture, and tradition conspire to make this tour unforgettable. This unique tour gives you an immersive experience of some of Italy’s best known culinary specialties right in the land where they come from and from the people who make them.

If you still need help making up your mind – or simply want to flip a coin and need someone to call heads or tails, give us a call we’re here to help!