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Spring Training: Tips for Getting Back on the Bike

Spring is Here!

It’s time to get back in the saddle again.

As warmer riding weather begins to resurface we thought it would be fitting to dig up a few of our training articles. For a little extra motivation to get out for a ride to pre-tour training programs, here are a few articles from the archives to help you reach your summer cycling goals – even if that’s just to have some fun exploring!

Preparing for Cycling Season

To increase pedal power and avoid injury start getting your muscles ride-ready with a few exercises that strengthen core muscles used while cycling.  Professional trainer, Sarah Awe, shares a few tips on building a strong base for these muscles so they’ll be ready to support and stabilize all the working parts as you begin to increase your miles on the road.

Getting Back on the Bike

As you make the transition from winter to spring we have a few tips to ease you back into biking. The most important take-away from this article: have fun!

Tour Training Programs

Have a tour coming up? We’ve got training programs designed specifically for our bicycling tours by Joe Friel, the author of the best-selling “Training Bible” book series and “Cycling Over 50”.  From 101 to 401 level tours we have training programs to get you ready to ride on your next ExperiencePlus! bicycling adventure.

Keep Your Body Happy

Equally as important to training for a ride is recovering from one. Take a look at a few tips to help your body recover as you use muscles that might have been hibernating this winter.

Above all, remember to have fun.  Sure there are health benefits associated with cycling, but beyond that a bike ride allows you to take in some fresh air while enjoying the carefree feeling of pedaling for the sake of exploring whatever you might find around the next bend.