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#ShareSomething: Cyclist’s Memories from the Road

Our Travelers’ Favorite Moments From Tour

From the best meal to the perfect stretch of road, we love hearing about your favorite moments on tour. A few of our travelers shared some of their favorite memories from tour in 2016!

Bicycling the Islands of the Dalmatian Coast

“I can’t say enough about how great our tour of Croatia was. The fantastic new friends we made and the amazing guides, Silvija and Ante, and the incredible sights from the tops of our climbs made for a truly memorable vacation. But nothing can compare to sharing my husband’s and my passion for riding with our children and seeing them fall in love with the sport for the first time. I am already looking forward to our next adventure.” -Kathy Segura


Cycling the Dordogne Plus! the Vineyards of Bordeaux

“After spending a splendid day canoeing the Dordogne River we visited Baynac Castle with terrific views of the river we enjoyed earlier in the day.”  – Janice and Norm Haber


Cycling the Camino de Santiago – Roncesvalles to Santiago

“Talking to a caballo” – Dana and Milan Stolka

“Chatting with Antoni Gaudi on a rest day in Leon” – Jarmila Gorman


Bicycling the Danube – Germany to Budapest

“Border crossings are always cause for celebration. Crossing into Hungary was a little bitter sweet. Knowing we were close to accomplishing our end goal was exciting, yet it also meant the end was near. Riding into Budapest was stunning, with sights that seem to only exist in dreams. So enchanting and the view from our room in Budapest put the icing on the cake!!”

“Coffee!!! We always looked forward to the daily ‘nice place to have a coffee break’ hunt. In Austria we found not only great coffee, but a yummy dessert. These stops always proved to be great opportunities to meet up with our fellow riders.”

“Castles, cobble streets, walled cities and vineyards. Truly stuff fairy tales are made of. I have always wanted to stay in a Castle and on this adventure we stayed in two. Equally enchanting were the wonderful dinners we shared together in these castles. Pinch me, I am sure this is a dream!!”” – Terry Stinson


Cycling Copenhagen to Berlin

“Here we are at the end of a great cycling trip traveled with good friends on many different kinds of bike paths in countries where bicycles reign supreme.” – Linda Myers


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