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Selecting Your Cycling Vacation

We have a variety of tours for a number of tastes, but what if you don’t know where to begin thinking about when and where? We have a few suggestions to help you narrow down your choices.

Pick a Season:

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall all you have to do is (decide on a time of year and) call.


SPRING: Catch wildflowers as they are at their peak painting fields with color!

Spring cycling not only allows you to catch spring flowers in bloom, but is also a great way to gear up for summer cycling.  Take advantage of perfect cycling temperatures along Catalonia’s Costa Brava, or on the Grand Tour of Sicily.  Added bonus: flights from Northern America to Europe tend to be much cheaper during side seasons (spring and fall).

SUMMER: Climb above the heat and cycle Italy’s Dolomites

Escape the coastal heat and pedal some of Europe’s most impressive valleys and passes – the Dolomites! Get a taste of the unique mix of Austrian and Italian culture as you cycle these stunning, border-straddling alps.

FALL: Pick a coast and pedal under the sun

Squeeze in a few more days in the saddle and take advantage of Europe’s sunny coasts during the fall. Ride along Portugal’s stunning beaches under endless blue sky, taste some of the world’s finest olive oil as you cycle in Andalucía, or explore Provence’s culinary highlights, Roman ruins as you enjoy wold-famous Côtes-de-Rhône wines straight from the source.

WINTER is coming: Head south soon!

Consider cycling Patagonia’s Lakes District Plus! The Island of Chiloé this winter. Cycle the magnificent Patagonia Lakes district crossing from Argentina to Chile. Along the route you’ll pass conical volcanoes and snow-capped Andean peaks, one of Chile’s famous rushing rivers, and get to relax in the tranquil settings of our lovely hotels.  You’ll finish the tour diving into the Chiloé island’s history as you take in its serene fjords, wooden houses and historic churches on the rugged coastline of the Pacific.

Pick a Place or a Highlight

We have left no stone unturned in Europe, and Chile and Argentina seeking the greatest cycling routes. Decide if you want to see cultural iconic places or special landscapes. Are you interested in spending time in small or large towns? Or on a bigger scale, have you always dreamed of cycling in France or Portugal? We’ll take you off the beaten path and let you dive deep into local culture.


Always wanted to see Italy?

Cycling Italy’s Culinary Delights Plus! the Farm allows you to take in scenic Italian landscape and taste your way through the birthplace of iconic Italian cuisine. Italy is a country synonymous with world-class cuisine, Emilia Romagna is a region of Italy that stands apart as a culinary superstar, and home to many of the country’s most well-known foods including visits to parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, and wine makers. Spanning north from the Apennines to the fertile Po Valley, this region not only produces some of Italy’s finest dishes, but is also filled to the brim with fascinating art and history.

Fantasize about cycling through vineyards in France?

The South of France, or Langue d’Oc region, has always been a border region: between Spain and France, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and, in ancient times, between Rome and northern Gaul. Today it is classic Mediterranean France with vast expanses of vineyards, vestiges of Roman history in Nimes and Narbonne, and a mix of languages that include classic French, traditional Occitan and Catalan. Join us to bicycle the South of France and explore this little traveled region on quiet roads not much wider than bike paths.

Pick by tour level

From a leisurely level 1 tour to a multi-week expedition we have the right level of ride for every type of cyclist.

SightSeer Tour Garda

Level 1 tours for a cycling adventure at a leisurely pace

Updated for 2019 with a new extended “Plus” version the Easy Cycling in the Italian Alps itinerary makes cycling through scenic valleys in the shadow of Italy’s famous Alps accessible to cyclists of all levels. Perfect for groups with varied cycling abilities, this tour takes you along pristine bike paths and small towns as you enjoy pedaling by the lush meadows of the Venosta Valley with Alpine peaks and glaciers in the background. Along the way, you’ll pedal past some of the best preserved castles in the region, vineyards and orchards, and visit historic cities including Merano, Bolzano, Trento and Bassano del Grappa – with plenty of opportunities to explore cafes in central plazas. This tour is a perfect blend of fascinating Austro-Italian history and the famous beauty and tranquility of Northern Italy’s mountains, lakes and valleys.

The new “Plus” extended version of Cycling in the Italian Alps takes you out of the mountains to pedal the best of the Po Valley along the Brenta river to famed art cities of Vicenza, Padova and incomparable Venice. Explore some of the most famous Venetian Villas in Italy and end with a ride into Venice. This extended tour shows off northern Italy’s natural and architectural splendor in a way that can only be experienced by bicycle.

Level 4 tours for lionhearted riders

ExperiencePlus! offers three itinerary options for your exploration of Andalucia. You can select from: 7-day bike itinerary from Seville to Cordoba, an 8-day version from Cordoba to Granada, or the Grand Tour of Andalucia that combines them both and has you cycling 13 days from Seville to Granada! Highlights include:Cordoba and Seville, two of the most culturally significant and fascinating cities in Spain. Highlights include: a guided visit of the Mezquita de Cordoba; bicycle through orange and ancient olive groves; stay in restored convents, historic country estates and palaces; explore the Roman and medieval towns of the Guadalquivir River.

Everything in between!

We offer tours for cyclists of all levels of ability: Browse cycling tours by our tour levels and find the level of tour you’re looking for!

Have an Idea of What You’re Looking For? Try Our Tour Finder!

Try narrowing your bike tour search using our Tour Finder! Our Tour Finder allows you to filter your searches by specific criteria including time of year, desired country, number of days, or the riding level of the tour you would like to take.

Phone Your Friends

Spring Bicycle Tour Italy

Have a group of 8 – 18 friends who want to cycle one of our existing itineraries on a date that is not listed? Contact us and we can arrange a custom departure date for you as a public or private departure. A public departure would allow smaller groups (8-12) to open their departure date to other cyclists that might want to join the new departure date. A private departure will be exclusively for those in your group – this can be a nice choice for families or company team building trips.