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A Good Reason to Ride!

Cycling: The Connection to Community

A bike is more than a mode of transportation, it’s a catalyst for community. Bikes open doors to shared experiences that are often missed when moving through the world at mechanical speeds. New cultures, new friendships,  even a quick connection with a stranger – cycling connects communities that might otherwise have passed each other by.

No matter where we find ourselves pedaling, ExperiencePlus! is committed to supporting the communities we travel through and work in. We design our tours and train our tour leaders to weave and create as many opportunities to interact between locals and our customers as possible. From visiting farms and artisan workshops, to staying in locally owned and operated hotels, to supporting local bicycle advocacy groups – we want to encourage people to cycle and connect wherever we go!

This year we’re thrilled to continue to support the local Colorado and Wyoming chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with a trip donation.  Registered participants are eligible to enter to win a free ExperiencePlus! bicycle tour during the BikeMS fundraising drive May 16-27, 2016.  If you aren’t yet registered, BikeMS and ExperiencePlus! are offering a 15% registration discount for this year’s Colorado BikeMS ride – use discount code: 2016Experience.

BikeMS has built communities across the U.S. with the shared passion for raising money to drive research and to deliver services to those facing the daily challenges of MS.

The two-day ride event takes place June 25-26, 2016. Take advantage of this discount and ride for a great reason this June! Find event details and register at the BikeMS Colorado chapter website today! Registration fees go up on May 9th.