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Portugal In Depth

Travel expert Norie Quintos joins July Portuguese Camino bike tour.

norie-2ExperiencePlus! has added a special guest to its July departure of “Cycling the Portuguese Camino Plus Santiago” A noted writer, editor, photographer, and travel expert, Norie Quintos joins the group to offer travelers tips on delving deeper into their local surroundings. “Travel is both an exterior and an interior journey. I love helping people get under the surface of a place to discover hidden insights,” says Norie. “Photography, writing, and conversation can be the gateways to getting there.”

Norie will share her experience and strategies for capturing a moment or a place in words and pictures: from tips to improve smart-phone photography, notes on journal writing, thoughts on utilizing social media without getting devoured by it, and optional one-on-one advice.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance a destination and really help people understand the why and how of travel. Cycling itself is a great vehicle for exploration, but the essence of a place and its meaning to you can sometimes get overlooked, so we’re thrilled to have someone as knowledgeable as Norie to join us and share her insights on how to pause and savor the moment,” says Maria Elena Price, co-owner of ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.

Norie has spent her career as an editor at publications such as Caribbean Travel and Life, U.S. News & World Report, and recently as executive editor of National Geographic Traveler. Based outside Washington, D.C., she is currently an editor-at-large at the National Geographic Travel media, a consultant to destinations and travel companies seeking to surface their cultural stories, and a transition coach, helping individuals make a career change.

What to Expect

As with all of our tours, we chalk the daily route and let you follow at your own pace, allowing room for individuals to create their own unique adventures. On this trip, Norie will spend a bit of time with you exploring ways to travel deeper into your surroundings. With simple suggestions, such as stopping somewhere unexpected to take in small, maybe initially unnoticed details, Norie will help travelers who are looking to dive a bit deeper into their surroundings and see the world through a new perspective. Consider her your sixth sense, pointing out opportunities for slowing down and sharpening your senses as you explore local surroundings.

Trip Details

Pedal along the rivers, coasts and valleys of Northern Portugal and learn about the cast of characters that founded the country we now know as Portugal in the 12th century. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Coimbra, Porto, Ponte de Lima and Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Cruise along the Douro, Minho and Lima rivers – on your bike and by boat. Take the time to taste and savor the gastronomic specialties of the area and enjoy the changes that come with crossing a border as we cycle into Galicia, Spain. With 3 wine regions along our route and a blend of fresh seafood, hearty stews and modern day gourmet fare there is something for all tastes.

Our route criss-crosses the Portuguese Camino as we follow in the footsteps of royalty such as Queen Isabel of Portugal who did this pilgrimage in the 13th century. We’ll touch on two versions of the Camino — one along the coast, and the traditional interior route to reach the enthralling towns of Barcelos, Ponte de Lima and Baiona and then Pontevedra, Padron and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. A generous dose of Southern European hospitality and lifestyle makes this a unique and wonderful bicycle tour.

Dates: July 24 – August 4, 2018, 2018

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More details and full day by day itinerary available here.