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Perhaps What You Need Is a Bike Fitting

Finding the proper knee position.

Whether you are a recreational cyclist or a budding adventure racer, we think bike fit is important.  A brief Q&A with Dr Siggins highlights the importance of a good fit and the particular system he uses to ensure that body and bike are one.

About Me: I moved to Durango, Colorado to start my career 8 years ago mainly because of the deep cycling cultureSensors are placed in numerous locations to track the rider's movements found here. My chiropractic practice has a sports injury focus, and 3 years ago I invested in the Retül 3D bike fitting technology and attended Retül University to learn bike fitting from the bio-mechanical experts that developed the system. Since then, I have worked with nearly 300 cyclists, ensuring them a bike fit that offers precision, as well as a medical evaluation in the case of pain or injury.

You have been fitted before so what makes this so different?
Bike fitting has been around for a long time, and has included many different “philosophies”. In the past, fittings were typically done while a rider was static, meaning the cyclist was sitting on his or her bike while the fitter reviewed seat height, knee position with the naked eye. Retül has changed the bike fitting world with 3-D accuracy, all done while the cyclist is in motion, or dynamic. Much like the technology used to create lifelike sports video games, measurements are gathered from LED lights that transmit to a camera and give the fitter reproducible measurements and angles. This precision is why I embraced the Retul bike fitting system. It has allowed me to stand behind my work and help cyclists of all abilities reach their potential.

The fit that keeps giving.
When your Retül fitting is finished, you receive a digitized drawing of your exact bike measurements which means you’ll be able to setup additional bikes using the same data.  Whether you purchase another bike, join ExperiencePlus! on a tour in Europe, or borrow a friend’s bike you’ll have the measurements necessary to replicate your perfect fit.

Will it help me gain confidence?
During fits, I’ve found that many amateur riders are hyper-critical of themselves because of what they see as failures in their physical or mental capabilities. The vast majority suffers from the ill effects of an improperly fitted bike and have unknowingly put themselves at a significant disadvantage because of improper bio-mechanics. The result is that they are unable to use their anatomy and muscles properly when riding and are frustrated, or worse yet, suffering from chronic pain. The Retül fit system gives cyclists a solid foundation to build from and for me it’s been inspiring to see the results.

Curious? Read more about the Retül fit systems and find locations throughout the USA.

Dr. Ryan Siggins owns and operates Durango Bike Fit and Squeaky Wheel, a bicycle art gallery in downtown Durango. Contact him at durangobikefit@gmail.com or call at 970.385.4737, or visit www.DurangoBikeFit.com  and www.SqueakyWheelDurango.com