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Discovering Argentina & Chile

Just one of many distinct ecosystems you'll encounter on our Northern Argentina bike tours.

Discovering Argentina & Chile by Bicycle

Argentina and Chile cover a lot of ground, from the forbidding rocks of Cape Horn and Patagonia’s mountains, through the endless grasslands of the pampas region to the high Andes, the fierce Atacama Desert and the steamy northern tropics.  This month’s featured bicycle tours focus on the two small parts of these diverse countries – and you’ll find that even a relatively small corner of Argentina or Chile offers dramatic changes from one day to the next.

On our Discover Northern Argentina tours, we’ll pedal through lush valleys, stopping to explore Incan ruins, deserts, cloud forest, and wine country. The grand finale is a ride through the twisted and dazzling geological formations of Quebrada de las Conchas. Here’s a sample of what customers on the inaugural trip had to say about the experience, "I loved the whole trip… scenery from reds, oranges and deserts to lush green tropical forest… excellent guides who were efficient, fun and interesting… the country was vast and gorgeous…I’m now a bike vacation convert!"

Further south, our Pedal the Andes tours start high on the backbone of the continent near Lake Nahuel Huapi, and follows a new, completely paved route to the Pacific Coast far below.   It’s a completely different South America from the Northern Argentina tours – more comparable to Italy’s Lake District or coastal Oregon than tropical rainforest or the Sonoran Desert. 

South America is a truly exotic destination that offers great value, one of the benefits of traveling in a region with favorable currency exchange rates and reasonable airfare.  And despite the fame of Patagonia and certain other spots in the region, it remains only on the cusp of "discovery" by the crowds of tourists that you’ll see in other parts of the world.  So if you’d like to put a little summer into this winter, join us on one of tours in Argentina and Chile!