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Updated in 2019: Emilia Romagna’s Culinary Delights Plus!

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Updated version of our short tour and a new “Plus” Ride!

We’ve been sharing one of Italy’s greatest food regions with our travelers for decades (it also happens to be our “home” region in Italy – so we might be biased) but the word  has recently begun to spread and Emilia Romagna is becoming a rising star for travelers and foodies alike. Just in case you’ve missed its recent rise to fame, many publications have been excitedly touting this fabulous region, for example:

Hungry yet? Because we’ve got just the trip to tickle your taste buds.

For 2019, our popular bicycle tour just got a little more mouth watering. Join our revamped itinerary as we travel new roads and taste new flavors of Italy’s premier culinary region.  While Italy is a country synonymous with world-class cuisine, Emilia Romagna is a region of Italy that stands apart as a culinary superstar, and home to many of the country’s most well-known foods. Spanning north from the Apennines to the fertile Po Valley, this region not only produces some of Italy’s finest dishes, but is also filled to the brim with fascinating art and history.

Cycling through Emilia Romagna allows you to take in the scenic landscape and taste your way through the birthplace of iconic Italian cuisine and learn time-honored traditions of making some of Italy’s most famous foods including Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, cured meats, and wine! (Not to mention taste testing said ingredients in extraordinary local dishes made according to tradition.) Every day of pedaling will not only take you on behind-the-scenes visits to the artisans and chefs, but also to ancient castles and world heritage UNESCO sites. On tour you will visit art capitals including Modena and Parma. You’ll round out the tour in Bologna and put the ingredients you’ve seen made over the previous days together during a hands-on cooking class.

Those wanting to extend the tour will join the new “Plus” version of this tour and cycle to hilltop villages, countryside resorts, and stay in restored parish houses in the foothills of the Apennines. You’ll explore aged cheese (formaggio di fossa) traditionally fermented in pits under ground, and you will pay a visit to Casa Artusi — a cooking school and organization honoring Pellegrino Artusi who wrote “Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well” in the 19th century, and documented his maid’s cooking. He is considered by many to be the “father” of Italian cooking.

Book by November 15 and save $200!

Emilia Romagna’s Culinary Delights

Highlights:   Cremona – home to torrone or Italian nougat and Stradivarius Violins,  Parma, Modena, and Bologna, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmesan cheese, Torrechiara Castle,


May 26-Jun 2, 2019
Jun 16-23, 2019
Sep 1-8, 2019

Emilia Romagna’s Culinary Delights Plus!

Highlights:  All the highlights on our short version of this tour (above) plus: Resort country house in hills, Gala seafood dinner on coast, Casa Artusi cooking demo.


May 26 – Jun 6, 2019
Jun 16 – 27, 2019
Sep 1 – 12, 2019