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How to Reserve Extra Hotel Nights

Many of our travelers plan a bit of a cushion around their ExperiencePlus! cycling adventure to have time to get over jetlag, discover new places or enjoy a bit of ‘dolce vita’ before or after their tour. If this is you, you’ll need to secure some extra nights in hotels. The three most common ways to go about this task are to use our traveler services, do it yourself, or work with a travel advisor. Whichever you choose, here’s what you need to know for achieving ultimate travel planning success.

Reserving Extra Nights with ExperiencePlus! Traveler Services

If you’re booked on a Classic, Expedition or Bike & Boat tour, the cost of your tour includes our assistance arranging extra nights for you at your tour’s starting and/or ending hotel. If you are booked on an Explorer tour, follow the link below to our hands-on guide on how to book your own extra nights.

Using our traveler services not only means there’s less work to do in making arrangements, it also offers the convenience of keeping the same room for your entire stay. Please know that ExperiencePlus! does not receive commission for any pre- or post-tour booking that we make for you.

Some of our tours begin with a complimentary shuttle that departs from a designated meeting hotel on Day 1. With some of these meeting hotels, we were able to arrange special rates for customers who choose to book an extra night before the tour begins.

It’s super important to note that ExperiencePlus! can only book hotels listed on your booked itinerary, and for your tour dates. Any other hotel arrangements need to be made by travelers.[/vc_column_text]

Making Your Own Extra Night Reservations

If you’re on an Explorer tour, or you prefer to make your own arrangements, look here for a full guide and tips on how to best make your own extra night reservations at any of our tour-related hotels. And, be sure to keep reading so you can learn about the ample hotel recommendations we have posted on our website.Hotel Recommendations

Perhaps one of the greatest hidden resources on our website are the dozens upon dozens of hotel recommendations we have cataloged by country and then city on our Travel Planning Pages.

To find these, click into the country where you’ll travel – France, for example – and scroll down to “Hotel Recommendations in France.”

You’ll see an alphabetized list of cities that you can click into for links to hotels. Please know that hotel accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to sudden changes throughout the hospitality industry. Therefore, we suggest you double-check hotel location before making reservations.

If you would like to expand your travels to other locations beyond your cycling tour, or simple see what else is out there, give our hotel recommendations a look!

Another resource that never fails to turn out hidden accommodation treasures is a site aptly named Secretplaces.com. It’s always worth a look if you have a penchant for authentic boutique-style accommodation options.

Reserving Extra Nights Through a Travel Agent

If you prefer to have a travel advisor manage all your tour, transportation, and accommodation details, we ask that whomever you work with notifies the starting/ending hotels that you are with an ExperiencePlus! group.

We directly communicate this guidance to travel advisors, but as a consumer, we want you to be aware of this detail so that you don’t end up having to change rooms at the same hotel.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, be sure your travel advisor shares your reservation information with us so we can reconfirm with the hotel that you’re with ExperiencePlus!

The Fine Print: Stay flexible!

Whatever your choice – don’t lock yourself into non-refundable rates. If we have learned one thing over all the years planning unique and memorable trips is that surprises are a reality. Sometimes they are within our control and sometimes they aren’t. We generally recommend only making refundable reservations.