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How Hard Should I Train For This?


To start this section off we want to remind you first and foremost that although these trips can accommodate travelers with just about any level of fitness, you will be riding a bike most of every day while you’re with us. With that said, we do recommend that prior to your departure you think about participating in some form of a training program. We here at ExperiencePlus! are happy to help you out with this, or feel free to contact your local gym or a trainer for additional help. It’s safe to say, the better shape you’re in at the start of your bike trip the more enjoyable you’re time on the bike will be.

Bicycling Training Programs – ExperiencePlus! has FREE Bicycle Training Programs and we’ve recently revamped the design to make it easier for you to find and follow the program that matches your age, fitness level and the tour level. There are also tips to improve your bike handling skills, and if going on a bicycle vacation isn’t enough motivation there is also an article touting the health benefits of riding around on two wheels.

Tour Levels – Whether you ride five days a week wearing lycra and bicycle cleats or once a month in cotton shorts and tennis shoes, we have a tour for you. At ExperiencePlus! there are lots of choices for cyclists of all levels and ability.  Even if you’ve never considered a bike tour before, you don’t have to limit yourself to our Level 101 tours.  Read about our Tour Level Ratings or call us and we’ll find the perfect trip to suit your every need!