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Grilled Vegetables with Paola’s Mediterranean Dressing


Grilled Vegetables with Paola’s Mediterranean Dressing

With our small or large vegetable gardens and farmers’ markets all over the country producing fresh vegetables, you may find this dressing interesting.  It is composed of the quintessential Mediterranean herbs of mint, garlic and rosemary.  The vegetables that will be best enhanced by the dressing are zucchini and eggplant, but it will also work its magic on peppers of all colors, fennel, mushroom, endive, cauliflower and almost any other vegetable that you may want to grill.
The quantities of the ingredients depend on how many vegetables you are grilling and how strong you want the dressing to be.

Chop a few cloves of garlic, several leaves of fresh mint and several sprigs of rosemary. Mix with salt, pepper and enough olive oil to cover the chopped spices and more.

Cut the veggies in slices that are not too thick or too thin (maybe
around 3/16 of an inch; you may cut the eggplant ahead and pour some salt on the slices to help them lose their pungent taste; wash them, then, before grilling).  Grill your veggies on the BBQ or in an oil-free pan. When they are soft, but not too soft, put them on a serving plate and spread some of the dressing over them. Repeat until you are done…

You can eat them right away, but they taste better if you leave them to "marinate" for at least a couple of hours. Make sure that there is a bit of the dressing on every slice.

Buon appetito!