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Four Reasons to Cycle Chile’s Wine Country

World Famous Wines

Let’s start with the obvious – Chile’s got some great wine. Cycle Chile’s Wine Country with ExperiencePlus! and you will come to understand and appreciate the rich flavor of Chile’s outstanding New World wines such as the full-bodied and rare Carménère – a grape that survived an epidemic caused by aphid-like insect “phylloxera” that destroyed most of the Carménère vineyards in Europe in the late 19th century. As you cycle through the vineyards of the Central Valley and along the stunning beaches of the scenic Pacific Coast, you will stop along the way to sample and learn about some of Chile’s finest wines straight from the vintner.

On our 8-day tour we spend a night in a beautifully restored and luxurious wine estate, at Hotel Viña la Playa, located in the now famous Curico/Colchagua Valley. We’ll also visit a small-scale organic producer that specializes in a blend of Cabernet and Carménère in the beautiful Apalta Valley.

To properly round out our wine exploration, we’ll visit one of the few 100% family-run wineries in Colchagua, Casa Silva. Those who opt to stick around for the full 11-day tour will finish with a tasting at Miguel Torres, perhaps the most well-known and largest winery in the Central Valley which makes for an interesting contrast to our other previous stops.

The Scenery

Be it natural or man-made, there are endless reasons to slow your pace and take in all the views that Chile’s Wine Country Plus! the Pacific Coast has to offer. Begin your exploration with the colorful and metropolitan capital of Santiago de Chile and be sure to visit the covered market and San Cristóbal Hill, a major city landmark that offers tremendous views of the city. We’ll whisk you away from the city’s charms to begin your cycling and sampling adventure through the picturesque vineyards of the Central Valley. On a clear day you can see the imposing Andes to the East, rounding out the full picture of this very long and skinny country.  Continuing south to the beaches of the scenic Pacific Coast will take your breath away as you pedal along seemingly private beaches which beckon you to take a dip (with your toe as it is deceivingly chilly!). Lest we forget the cool and inviting pine forests which contrast perfectly with wine country and coastal landscapes.

Colonial Cities

Along the way we will stay in small villages that transport you to the heart of the old Chilean country. Beyond delicious food and wine you can also look forward to museums and the gorgeous architecture of historic colonial cities such as Santa Cruz, Lolol and the small fishing villages on the Pacific coast. During a rest day in Santa Cruz you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Colchagua Museum which features fossils and natural history exhibits alongside artifacts from human pre-history to contemporary times. A wide-ranging collection exhibits Mayan, Incan, and Aztec ceramics, and handicrafts as well as gold and silver jewelry collections outstanding in the continent. The museum also features weapons, letters, documents, and artwork of conquistadors and the Jesuits. This museum is one that will captivate your attention. As you have the privilege to witness thousands of treasures you will get a better understanding of the complexity of the Americas.

The Cycling!

Pack your cameras because you’ll be cycling quiet roads through a variety of landscapes. You’ll begin your bike tour with the Andes mountains as your backdrop while making your way toward Chile’s Central Valley peppered with sprawling vineyards and the beautiful coast if you extend your trip to the full 1-day tour. Beyond the great cycling route, this 2.5 level tour is the perfect opportunity to stay in riding shape outside of the Northern hemisphere’s typical spring/summer season as Chile’s peak cycling season falls in Northern America’s winter season.

Ready to Roll? Take a look at the full tour details and contact us if you have any questions!


Departure Dates:

Cycle Chile’s Wine Country  (8 day)

Cycle Chile’s Wine Country Plus! the Pacific Coast (11 day)