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Expeditions in Two Hemispheres

Argentinian fishing boats prepare for another day out on the ocean.

Bicycle Expeditions in Two Hemispheres

To those of us with normal jobs, it might seem surprising that somebody who designs and sells bicycle tours for a living would have frustrated dreams about big trips.  But that’s just how our first ExpeditionPlus! got its start: Rick had always gazed longingly at the huge, unknown expanse of Eastern Europe between St. Petersburg (nèe Leningrad) and Istanbul (not Constantinople…).  Finally, he decided to do it – and the tour, all 2500+ miles of it over six weeks, promptly sold out. 

The rest, at least here at ExperiencePlus! headquarters, is history.  Since that first expedition a few years ago, we’ve added routes as Rick’s curiosity dictated.  This year is shaping up to be the biggest yet for ExpeditionPlus!, with three different continent-crossing trips in two hemispheres!

Follow the Danube from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea

Our Danube expedition stretches from the Schwarzwalde to the Black Sea!We’ll bicycle through some of the great capitals of central and eastern Europe on this ride through history, including Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest, Romania. Our route takes us along the border of classical Rome in Germany, down some of the most important Medieval trade routes in the Alps and through historic Medieval towns such as Ulm, Regensburg, and Linz.  We’ll finish on the coast of the Black Sea, north of Istanbul and well behind the former Iron Curtain.

Coast to Coast Across Chile & Argentina

There are plenty of surprises along the way: starting with the unique culture of the Chilote people who are of Spanish and indigenous Mapuche descent; the Welsh settlement and tea houses at Gaiman; and Ruta 40, the main road of Argentine Patagonia but one of the least traveled roads in the country. We’ll enjoy oceans, rain forest, mountains, deserts, river valleys and just about every other type of terrain you can imagine on this 700+ mile, 18-day expedition.

And coming soon – you heard it here first:

Cycling Across the High Andes

With elevations exceeding 10,000 feet in places, and a foray through the Atacama Desert, this tour promises memories you’ll treasure – and brag about – for the rest of your life. This tour is still under development; give us a call if you’d like to claim a space in advance.

Whichever expedition you choose, it’s sure to open up a whole new world of bicycle adventure.  Give us a call to see if you’ve got what it takes!