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Three great bike tours worth bringing everyone along for the ride

Looking to for an excuse to get a group of friends together for a bike tour in Europe? Trying to organize a family vacation and would love to hand off the logistics? That’s what we’re here for!

Booking a bicycle tour with a group of friends or family allows all parties to experience the freedom of exploring a country together, without the stress of planning a trip or having someone be in charge of daily activities. We handle all the preparation and daily logistics leaving your group with nothing to do but spend the day exploring! Thanks to our trusty chalk arrow navigation, everyone can ride at their own pace and regroup for dinner in the evening. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Cycling at your own pace, and still within a group, allows each rider the opportunity to discover unique experiences while still creating shared memories with those closest to you.

ExperiencePlus! offers a variety of options for travelers looking to explore with friends and family. From joining one of our pre-existing dates on a tour to a custom-designed private cycling tour we’ve got a host of options designed to fit your budget, interests and cycling abilities.  Here are three tours that might inspire your friends to jump on a bike and join you!

Sightseer Tours

Sightseer Tours are ideal for groups of all ages, abilities and experience levels. These trips are designed specifically for people new to bicycle travel, for families, or for those seeking a cycling adventure at a leisurely pace.  If someone in your group wants more miles we can extend their ride while others explore town or take a swim – find out more about our Sightseer Bicycle Tours in our blog.

Group cycling toursSightseer options:

Bike Paths of Italy’s Lake Garda – Sightseer Tour – listed in National Geographic Traveler’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime in 2015
Romantic Verona is the perfect place to begin a ride through some of northern Italy’s most intriguing and beautiful areas including its largest lake – Garda.

France’s Châteaux of the Loire Valley – Sightseer Tour
The Loire Valley is renowned for its beauty and has been home to the aristocracy for centuries – a combination that makes for all the elements of a best-seller: romance, liaisons, murder, revenge, forced weddings, and charismatic historical figures.

Bicycling the Best of Provence

Bicycling the Best of Provence transports you to what some might imagine as quintessential France. With a few multi-night stays and loop rides in these areas, this is a wonderful way to explore the best Provence has to offer with friends or couples who enjoy riding differently at different distances. Explore France’s small country roads and discover villages and towns with beautiful stone buildings, quaint cafés, and Romanesque churches that gaze across the valley at each other under the Provençal sun. Discover the secrets behind the local artisans savoir-faire. Culinary highlights include a splendid Mediterranean diet alongside Côtes-de-Rhône wines and exquisite olive oil from a local olive press. Your eyes will feast on more Roman ruins than you will find even in Italy. We’ll give you the chance to taste it all: from unique visits and bustling markets right up to a one-of-a-kind dinner at a local chef’s home. You’ll also visit the places where Van Gogh and Cézanne created a majority of their most famous paintings.

Group bicycle travel France

Bicycling the Best of Southern Tuscany

Bicycling the Best of Southern Tuscany takes you through the very heart of Tuscany. This classic cycling route starts in Cortona, which was made famous by Frances Mayes in her book “Under the Tuscan Sun”, and takes you to the stunning Val d’Orcia Valley recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Landscape” for its unique blend of human and natural environments. Over the course of eight days you’ll visit Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, and Siena, which are as fascinating and beautiful as their names promise to be. Prepare to explore the picture postcard landscape of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

Have a group of 6 ready to book one of our regularly scheduled trips together?  Great news, you’ll each receive a $200 discount (refunded at the conclusion of the tour). Contact us for more information!