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Click n’ Go and Sunreader Sunglasses

Massimo Malpezzi and Pia de Richemont model their glasses.

By ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader Pia de Richemont

Clients who have toured with Tour Leader Pia de Richemont regularly ask her about the spectacles she wears whilst cycling. For those of us whose eyesight is declining, it can be tricky to read the speedometer or see who is calling on the phone while on the go.

Here are two solutions Pia recommends.

CliC produces lightweight front connecting eye-wear. The Reader models have a revolutionary magnetic front closure system which means that they hang firmly around one’s neck when not in use. The nylon frames have an adjustable headband and are virtually unbreakable. CliC Readers come on and off the nose easily and are available in a wide variety of colors and strengths (up to +3°). Time Magazine called them  “the best eye-wear innovation since glasses were invented.” Most of all, Pia appreciates the fact that she doesn’t lose her glasses while cycling anymore! Prices start around $40 on Amazon.

The second solution, Sunreaders Sunglasses, combine sun protection, sports and reading glasses. They offer the convenience of UV400 front and side protection combined with a magnified reading D-segment (available from +1.5° to +3°). Perfect for cycling in the sun, gardening, or reading by the pool, and they are produced by the Cancer Council of Australia so part of your money goes towards a great cause. Prices start around AUS $45.

Pia recommends using both the CliC Readers and the Sunreaders while cycling, and you’ll be ready to face any lighting conditions.