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Bicycle Training Calendar Level 3 – 3.5

Level 3 – 3.5 Training Program

Joe Friel, nationally recognized fitness expert, designed this 12-week Training Packet specifically for ExperiencePlus! Bicycle tours. Our level 3 – 3.5 tours are for riders enjoy some climbing every day.  These tours are best suited for intermediate level recreational riders.   If you are preparing to take a  level 3 – 3.5 tour print the calendar below for the training program.

Level 3 – 3.5 Training Calendar: Age under 50

Level 3 – 3.5 Training Calendar: Age over 50


See a complete list of our level 3 – 3.5 Bicycle Tours. For more information about the training programs, bicycle handling skills, and health benefits look at the Training Program Page.