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  • Cycling The Italian Lakes District

    Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato or Rovato Beef

    Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato Or “Beef In Oil” A tip of the “Priest’s Hat”  from the Franciacorta Region of Northern Italy An Italian alternative to a classic Sunday beef roast, try this long stewed beef dish from the Franciacorta Region Of… Read full article

  • Czech Republic

    6 Reasons to Bicycle the Czech Republic

    As a new mother (Lidia turned two a few months ago), I haven’t been on many bike tours the past 3 years, but this past summer I was able to manage one 11-day trip …and took Lidia with me! We… Read full article

  • Riding in Slovenia's Julian Alps

    Austria and Slovenia: Captivating and Gorgeous

    I’ve always been fascinated with Slovenia—a tiny country that is at the crossroads between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, a small country similar in size to New Jersey, but filled with alpine mountains, pristine lakes, a bit of coast and… Read full article

  • Dordogne Hazelnut Cake

    I, like most of you, find myself excited by local specialties while I’m traveling and I often come home with flavored oils, spices or syrups that then sit in my pantry or fridge for eternity. During our recent snow storms… Read full article

  • Carcassonne

    Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

    Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price. Anybody who was gripped by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown will enjoy this well-researched, historical novel by British author Kate Mosse. While there are similarities between the two books, there are also several… Read full article

  • Bicycling Scotland’s Highlands Plus – the Isle of Skye

    ExperiencePlus!’s bicycling trip across Scotland was born of customer requests to offer a cycling itinerary in the United Kingdom, and what an option this Coast to Coast trip is! Scotland is Europe’s leading adventure travel destination with good reason. A… Read full article

  • Potato Soup with a Mediterranean Twist

    The common potato is a simple winter vegetable that makes an innovative, warm and creamy soup if paired with a tangy Mediterranean fruit like the olive. The best type of olive to use is one that is flavorful, dark and… Read full article

  • Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver by Anne Mustoe

    Che Guevara and the Mountain of Silver: By Bicycle and Train through South America by Anne Mustoe Reviewed by Monica Malpezzi Price While you don’t usually associate an English headmistresses with Che Guevara, Anne Mustoe, author of “Che Guevara and… Read full article

  • Around Africa On My Bicycle by Riaan Manser

    Monica Malpezzi Price Reviews Although there are many of us who are passionate about bicycling and bicycle touring, I don’t know of anyone that considers bicycle touring a life or death situation….. but Riaan Manser has! When this South African… Read full article