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Marina Neal

  • swedish smorrebrod

    Danish smørrebrød for a simple summer supper

    If you’ve been lucky enough to bicycle tour in Denmark, you know that Danes love food – fresh, local, simple, and healthy. Small farm stands are a common sight while pedaling quiet country roads. I’ll never forget purchasing a small… Read full article

  • Commercial airplane flying above the clouds

    Successful air travel starts and ends with Exito

    You’ve booked your tour, the departure is confirmed, and now you’re ready to purchase flights for your upcoming international bicycle tour. While ExperiencePlus! provides a range of traveler planning services to anyone taking a Classic, Bike and Boat, or Expedition-style… Read full article

  • watermelon mint feta salad

    Summer crowd pleaser: watermelon, mint and feta salad

    The heat of summer for a pale gal like myself is never a reality that I care to face. I experience great discomfort in heat and humidity. Fortunately, there are a few edible antidotes that can begin to temper my… Read full article

  • How to book at tour at the last minute

    We understand how a sudden urge can tug at the heart, or how an unexpected change in life direction can open the door to spontaneous travel. So when it comes to joining an ExperiencePlus! tour at the last minute, we… Read full article