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  • Cuba

    Support for Cuban People

    Experiencing Cuba’s Local Culture Americans are now welcome to travel to Cuba as long as their visit meets 1 of 12 approved ‘purpose of travel’ categories. Should you be joining us on one of our bicycle tours in Cuba your trip… Read full article

  • helmet

    What the Helmet?!

    You leave on a bicycle tour in a few days and you’re busy making last minute packing adjustments. You’ve gone through the painstaking work of deciding which shoes you can leave at home, whether you need a back-up jacket, and… Read full article

  • Top tours for seaside cycling

    Top tours for seaside cycling Spring and summer are the times for renewal and what makes you feel refreshed more than taking a dip in the sea after (or during!) a long day’s ride on the Mediterranean (or the Adriatic,… Read full article

  • Top 10 cycling holidays

    From the ancient spiritual pilgrimage of the Camino De Santiago and the Lakes District of Patagonia, to the storybook landscapes of Bavaria and the undiscovered beauty of Corsica, here are 10 of our best guided bike tours. We chose this list from… Read full article

  • get a jump start on the early booking deadline

    Early Booking Discount Ends November 1, 2023

    $200 Early Booking Discount On 2024 Bicycle Tours If you’re dreaming about a 2024 bicycle tour with ExperiencePlus!, now is the time to act on those desires so you can save some money. Our annual Early Booking Discount ends November… Read full article

  • A Brief Introduction to the Highlights of Alsace

    Alsace is arguably the most unique region of France. As a place that has changed hands five times between France and Germany over the last 150 years, it is now a cultural crossroads where French finesse meets German gusto. Tucked… Read full article

  • Sugo Marinetti: Artichoke and Pistachio Pasta Sauce

    As a company with half of its roots from Italy, we love pasta and learning about different types of pasta sauce. This particular sauce is not only interesting because it has a number of non-traditional ingredients (and we know how… Read full article

  • family of four on bicycle tour in Europe

    First bike tour renews family’s spirit

    A number of years ago, former ExperiencePlus! employee Ian Wells took part of his family on their first-ever EP bicycle tour. They weren’t experienced cyclists and some members of the family were apprehensive about the adventure. Ian documented the trip… Read full article

  • Grab Your Family and Friends

    Dreaming of cycling across Europe with your friends and family next year? Prefer to travel with people you know? Why not book a private departure? If you’ve got 6 or more people in a private group and want to book… Read full article

  • COVID-19 FAQs

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  • E-Bikes, Past, Present and Future Trends

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  • Bike and Boat Details for Greece Dodecanese Islands

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  • Rhubarb Chutney

    As Rhubarb comes in season, we can take inspiration from Sweden where Rhubarb Chutney is often paired with cheese or meat. Variations on this basic recipe are many, you can include a number of different spices with the rhubarb including… Read full article

  • Tarta de Santiago

    Strolling down the calles of Santiago, you are bound to be met with a Tarta de Santiago sample as restaurant and cafe owners try to tempt you into their establishment. Almonds form the base of this delicious tarta which you… Read full article

  • New Bicycle Tour Itineraries in 2022

    New and renewed in 2022! We’ve got plenty of exciting new and updated tours in the mix for next year. In addition to our new Spotlight and Explorer tours, we’ve got a lot of exciting new and updated Classic tours… Read full article

  • Recipe: Gazpacho Andaluz

    Updated in 2021 – this recipe is still one of the best ones I’ve found for Gazpacho Andaluz. This recipe came from my host mother (the family I lived with when I studied in Sevilla in 2003). She was an… Read full article

  • Bike and Barge the Seine Plus! Castles of the Loire Valley

    Bike and Barge the Seine Plus! Castles of the Loire is a level 1 tour, ideal for beginner cyclists, those traveling by bicycle for the first time, or multi-generational groups with a desire for a nice and easy bike tour… Read full article

  • Bike and Barge Details: Fiep

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